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because when you talk a person in polite she or him will say polite words same to you

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Q: Why it is important to use courteous expressions in accommodating visitors?
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Which courteous expression shows how to accommodate visitors properly?

Welcome come in

Why is it important to improve visitors residents relationship in the tourist Industry?

It is important to improve the visitors residents relationship in the tourist industry because the tourism thrives where there is hospitality from the residents.

What is the Job description of airport transport assistance?

Welcome visitors and provide accurate and courteous information about the Airport facilities.Help accommodate airport visitors' special needs, such as providing traveler escorts.Work in assigned areas including, but not limited to, the Transportation Mall, baggage claim, and the International Terminal.Keep current on airport information and changes.Provide support for special events.

Advertising and marketing strategies for a heating and cooling company?

Advertising and marketing strategies for a heating and cooling company include emphasis on Courteous Service, welcoming online visitors, selling service contracts, and quick responses to emergency situations.

When was The Visitors - The Visitors album - created?

The Visitors - The Visitors album - was created in 1979.

Why is it important to monitor servers?

It is important to monitor servers because if a server crashes, it means downtime and a reduction in the number of returning visitors, and a loss in revenue.

Why were roads important in Mesopotamia?

Roads were important to use as a path way to get to different places in the city. They were also used to set a path to the visitors (traders) to get around.

Why was the Paris World's Fair important in influencing world opinion about African Americans?

The fair had 50 million visitors

What are the two classification of visitors?

internation visitors- visiting outside the country domestic visitors- visitors coming from their native country

What is the plural possessive of visitors?

The possessive form of the plural noun visitors is visitors'.example: We have everything arranged for our visitors' comfort.

Techniques of welcoming visitors in an organisation?

There are several techniques that can be used when welcoming visitors into an organization. One example is to provide a genuine smile and handshake. It is important to let the individual know that you are there to help answer any questions they may have.

What is the collective noun of visitors?

There is no specific collective noun for the noun visitors, in which case any noun suitable for the situation can function as a collective noun; for example a couple of visitors, a crowd of visitors, a horde of visitors, etc.