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people find it easy to kill

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Cylindrical shapes offer structural stability and efficiency in many applications. Their uniform shape distributes stress and weight evenly, making them sturdy and resistant to deformation. Cylinders also have a large volume-to-surface area ratio, which can be advantageous for containing or transporting liquids and gases. Additionally, cylindrical objects are often easier to manufacture and assemble compared to more complex shapes.

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Q: Why most man made things are in the shape of cylinder?
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Why are bottles made in a cylinder shape?

Bottles are made to carry the most amount of liquid in the smallest volume. The best shape would be a cuboid but these have sharp corners, (Health & Safety), therefore the smallest shape which can hold the second most volume is a cylinder.

What shape is a tin of tomatoes?

cylinder. most likely.

Which solid shape is a drum most like?

a cylinder?

What is shape of the funnel?

the answer is a cone, "elephant trunk," or cylinder shape under most circumstances.

What is a collecting tube?

A gas-collecting tube is made of glass and has a cylinder shape with a valve at one end of the cylinder. Most gas-collecting containers have a gauged volume on them. They are used in science for the purpose of taking samples of a gas.

What shape is the leaning tower of pisa?

Like most Towers, basically a cylinder, standing upright.

What is a gas- collecting tube?

A gas-collecting tube is a device used to trap and contain gases for analysis. It typically consists of a sealed tube with one end submerged in the liquid in which the gas is produced, allowing the gas to travel up the tube and collect at the top for measurement or further study.

What can you replace a piston with that is not a different piston but an object that is not a piston?

The general term for piston is cylinder, and a cylinder might be made to work in this application. But a cylinder used in this manner, that is, a cylindrical shape connected in a machine that is used in the same way will almost certainly be called a piston by most investigators.

What are living things made of?

Living things are made up of things that have life (plants and animals)

What are the materials of construction for cylinder head?

Most cylinder heads are made from cast iron or aluminum.

What is the shape of a funnel?

A funnel is when you get picked on at school.

What solids have the shape of a cylinder?

Objects having a cylindrical shape would include canned drinks and food, some beakers and flasks, and most types of aircraft fuselage.