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Because it's five times heavier of course !

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Q: Why must you exert five times as much force to lift a mass of 5 kg as you must to lift a mass of 1 kg?
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Suppose you and your partner lift a bucket jointly the weight 50 Nthe angle between the your pulls in 90 degreeyour partner exert a force of 40 N .what is the force you exert?

You exert a force of 30 N.

How many newtons of force will you exert to lift 170gram weight?

A minimum of 1.667 newtons.

How many pounds of effort force would a user have to exert on the rope to lift the 60 lb load?


If you exert a force of 10.0 n to lift a box a distance of 0.9 m how much work do you do?

Work done equals force times distance, so 10.0 times 0.9 is 9 joules.

When you use a ramp what happens to the distance over which you exert force?

The distance is longer than the lift or the drop, but the force you need is less than the weight of the load.

Why do you have to use force to lift objects?

Because there is a force of gravity constantly pulling it towards the center of earth. When you exert enough force to over come the gravity acting on an object it is lifted

If you exert a force of 10 to lift a box of .9m how much work has been done?

The answer would depend on the units used for the force. Since these are not specified, it is not possible to answer the question.

How much is done if you exert a 25-N force to lift a ball 0.4 m in 2 s?

10 J (novanet)

How much is done if you exert a 25-N force to lift a ball 0.4 m in 2 s.?

10 J (novanet)

What minimum downward force needed to lift the 120 Newtons weight?

No matter how much force you exert downward, it shall avail you naught. No downward force acting directly on the object can ever succeed in lifting it.

Why do muscles burn when you exert yourself?

your muscles burn when you exert yourself because when you lift heavy or lift for an excess ammount of reps you get a build up of lactic acid in your muscles

Why does a person lift a heavy stone immersed in water as compared to air?

If the question is asking "for what reason would a person lift a heavy stone immersed in water as opposed to air?" then the answer is buoyancy. When immersed in water there will be an upward force on the bottom of the stone due to the volume of water it has displaced. This upward force will make the stone seem lighter to the person lifting it by decreasing the amount of force they need to exert to lift it.