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Because that is how the set of integers and the set of rational numbers are defined.

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Q: Why negative 3 belongs to the set of integers and rational numbers?
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What number does the number -1 belongs?

Integers, odd integers, negative integers, odd negative integers, rational numbers, negative rational numbers, real numbers, negative real numbers, square roots of 1, etc.

Name the sets of numbers to which negative 10 belongs?

Of the "standard sets" -10 belongs to: ℤ⁻ (the negative integers) ℤ (the integers) ℚ⁻ (the negative rational numbers) ℚ (the rational numbers) ℝ⁻ (the negative real numbers) ℝ (the real numbers) ℂ (the complex numbers) (as ℤ ⊂ ℚ ⊂ ℝ ⊂ ℂ). Other sets are possible, eg the even numbers.

Can Negative Integers be Rational Numbers?

All integers are rational. Not all rational numbers are integers.

What set of numbers does the number -6 belong to?

It belongs to infinitely many sets. Some notable sets to which it belongs include:* Integers * Negative integers * Rational numbers * Real numbers * Complex numbers

Is negative four a rational number?

Yes - any integers, including negative integers, are rational numbers.

Name set which -10 belongs Ex-whole integers rational?

Negative integers, integers, negative rationals, rationals, negative reals, reals, complex numbers are some sets with specific names. There are lots more test without specific names to which -10 belongs.

Is 1.9 rational?

All integers, including negative integers, are rational numbers.

Name the set of numbers -10 belongs?


What numbers can be integers rational and real number?

Every counting number, and the negative of it, are real, rational integers.

What set does a negative fraction belong to?

It belongs to the set of negative rational numbers, negative real numbers, fractionall numbers, rational numbers, real numbers.

Is negative17 rational or irrational?

Integers are rational numbers, whether they are positive or negative.

Why aren't all negative numbers integers?

because fractions can be negative also. fractions aren't integers. ... All integers (positive And negative) are rational numbers (not irrational).