Why not the whole thing just part?

Updated: 12/22/2022
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Q: Why not the whole thing just part?
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What were interchange parts?

They were these little parts of an invention where if that part of the invention broke, you wouldn't need to replace the whole thing. Just that little part

What part is the pumpkin in?

the whole thing is the pumpkin

How are magnets used to make objects?

just by attaching the magnets to the the weakest part of the object to hold together the whole thing

What part of magic mushrooms do you eat?

The whole thing

What was the worst part in A Wrinkle in Time?

The whole thing

A part of one whole thing in math?


Is a cow tide the whole cow or just part of it?

Just part of it

What part of chillies do you eat?

the whole thing of course expect for the top part.............................

Why are parts important to the whole?

because we cannot call it as a whole if there is a missing part of a thing..

What part of broccoli could you eat?

You can eat the whole thing.

Which part of a cloud dose rain come from?

The whole thing

What part of a solid is really a solid?

the whole thing stupid!