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I have a 2000 LeSabre that has lost all sensing of the fuel gauge. At times it reads high and others low, even when I know I have recently filled the tank. It has even gone so far as to trip the low fuel warning alarm. Every time I start the car, the fuel gauge gives a different reading. Last year a reader of "Popular Mechanics" wrote in to the Auto Advisor with the exact same problem for his 2002 Pontiac. Their response was that the fuel pump and fuel status sender are a combined unit and that it has become defective. Repair of this problem requires replacement of the entire assembly. It is located inside the gas tank. To fix this problem requires removing the gas tank and replacing the fuel pump / sender assembly. This was to the tune of $500+. Their suggestion was to use a grease pencil to write down your milage on the windshield each time you fill up. Personally, I just reset the odometer each time and try to fill up every 300 miles or so. I assume that since these GM vehicles -- all close in age -- all have the identical problem that they all suffer from the same cause.

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Q: Why on a 1997 Buick LeSabre does the fuel gauge stop reading at the three-quarter mark when the gas tank has less than that?
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