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An odd number of dimples would render the ball asymmetrical.

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Q: Why only even number of dimples on a golf ball?
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Which ball bounces higher golf ball or tennis ball?

A Golf Ball

What ball bounces higher golf ball or ping pong ball?

A golf ball will bounce higher. It has more mass so it is less influenced by air resistance.

How many golf ball can you fit in a cubic meter?

15625 golf balls will fit in 1 cubic meter. Volume of a golf ball is approximately 40 cubic cm. Since 1 cubic meter has 1,000,000 cubic cm, the number of golf balls purely on voume calculation would be 25,000. However, there would be a lot of empty space between golf balls and hence significant volume will be used by empty space. The diameter of a golf ball is 4 cms. Based on that you should be able to fit 25 balls across length, width and height making the total number of golf balls to be 25 X 25 X 25 = 15,625.

How far does a golf ball roll in one rotation?

Let's assume that your golf ball is 1.680 inches in diameter - the smallest size golf ball allowed in certain golfing associations. Then we know that the circumference of the golf ball will be the distance it would roll in one complete rotation. Circumference = pi * diameter Circumference = 3.14 * 1.680 in Circumference = 5.2752 inches = the distance that this particular golf ball would roll

How would you find the volume of a golf ball?

Put an exact amount of water in a measuring cup. Drop in a golf ball. The increase in water level equals the volume of the golf ball, assuming the ball doesn't float. For example, 200mL before ball. 280ml after ball dropped in. Therefore volume equals 40ml or 40 Cubic Centimeters.