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There are many different ways that angles are used by people in their daily life. The uses include building things, design, art, telling time, and exercising.

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Q: Why people used angles in their daily life?
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What is the use of lines and angles in daily life?

the concept of lines and angles r used in our daily life. straight lines are in class rooms on the floor, door,window,zebra crossing on road side. where as angles are used in building constructions,inter connected with subjects like physics chemistry etc.types of angles are used in yoga position , games fields and so on

How is lines and angles used in daily life?

they are used in many ways like for making buildings, ships,in hospitals for x-rays and many more...

How do people use shapes in there daily life?

shapes are used in our daily, we can identify different shapes

Application of trigonometry in your daily life?

Trigonometry can be used to find the heights of buildings when paired with a sextant (a device for measuring angles from the buliding)

What are functions of a robot?

it can used in our daily chores or a task.and it can help many people..

When do you need to use circumference in daily life?

Circumference is used in daily life by people who make cars, glasses, and contacts. Bakers use circumference when making pies.

How are composite numbers used in everyday life?

Composite numbers can be used by businessmen, shopkeepers etc. These people use calculations a lot in their daily life.

How did propaganda affect the people in their daily life?

Propaganda can affect the people in their daily life because it can sway the public views. It is used in politics to try to shape perceptions, direct behavior to achieve a response or manipulate to get people onto their side.

How is petrol used in your daily life?

how is petrol used in our everday life

What is the importance of trigonometry in your daily life?

Trigonometry is important in daily life for many reasons. People use patterns and symmetry in relating to objects around them. For example. trigonometry is used in decorating a home.

How is scientific notation used in daily life?

It usually isn't. Scientific notation is used for very large and very small numbers, that are not normally used in your daily life. Unless your "daily life" involves work in science or engineering.

What tools are commonly used to study daily life?

Tools that are commonly used to study daily life include things like polls and surveys. Sometimes video cameras and audio recordings are also used to study daily life.