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Q: Why round empirical formulas to whole numbers?
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What are the procedures in writing empirical formulas?

1. Determine the mass in grams of each element present, if necessary.2. Calculate the number of moles of each element.3. Divide each by the smallest number of moles to obtain the simplest whole number ratio.4. If whole numbers are not obtained* in step 3), multiply through by the smallest number that will give all whole numbers* Be careful! Do not round off numbers prematurely

What do empirical formulas determine?

Empirical formulas determine the ratio of atoms of different elements within a chemical compound and can be derived by dividing the number of each element's atoms by their greatest common factor. They do not necessarily describe the full chemical makeup of a molecule. For example, benzene has the formula C6H6 but its empirical formula is simply CH because there is one hydrogen atom for every carbon atom. Glucose has the molecular formula of C6H12O6; its empirical formula is CH2O. Because the molecular formula for water, H2O, cannot be further simplified (empirical formulas have only whole numbers) H20 is also its empirical formula.

Why did you need to round the empirical formula you obtaine to a whole number ratio?

Many people find whole number ratios easier to understand.

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