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Quite obvious really.

The kite makes a live connection between the ground and the power line - ie STRAIGHT THROUGH YOU. Even if it does burn out quickly - it's simply WAY too much of a risk to even think about it. Those power lines carry a lot of current and the slightest of surges WILL KILL YOU.

Not only that - but in some areas, it is illegal to have such items close to power lines.

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You should keep kites away from power lines because there is a risk of electrical shock or electrocution. The strings of the kite can conduct electricity and pose a danger if they come into contact with power lines. It is important to fly kites in open areas away from any potential hazards, including power lines.

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Q: Why should you keep kites away from power lines?
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A boy flying a kite has more chance of getting electrocuted if the kite accidentally touches a power line or other electrical source. The electricity can travel down the string and shock the person holding it. It's important to fly kites in open areas away from power lines to reduce this risk.

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