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Q: Why some instruments have non linear scales?
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What is the difference between linear and non linear scales?

A linear scale is a scale with equal divisions for equal vales, for example a ruler. A non linear scale is where the relationship between the variables is not directly proportional.

Is inductor linear or non linear?

non linear

What happen to the bars in the graph if you double increments?

The answer depends on the nature of the graph. If it is linear it will simply change the slope. If it is non-linear, it will change the shape. It also depends on what changes are made to the scales on the axes.

Is planning linear or nonlinear?

Usually non-linear.Usually non-linear.Usually non-linear.Usually non-linear.

What is a non example of a proportion?

A linear relationship whose graph does not pass through the origin: for example, the relation between temperatures on the Celsius and Fahrenheit scales.

What are linear and non linear text?

Linear means in order Non-Linear means Organic

What is a linear resistor?

which obey ohms law ANSWER: Not all potentiometers are linear some are made to follow a logarithm function some follows an exponential function. A linear potentiometer will have a linear curve. Materials that obey Ohm's Law are called 'linear' or 'ohmic'; those that don't are called 'non-ohmic' or 'non-linear'.

What is the difference between a linear graph and a non-linear graph?

linear: LINE example--- line non-linear: not a LINE example--- parabola The other possibility is a graph with a non-linear scale. First a linear scale will have each unit represent the same amount, regardless of where you are on the scale. A semilog scale, has a linear scale in the horizontal direction, and a logarithmic scale in the vertical direction. Exponential functions (such as ex & 10x), will graph as a straight line on this type of graph scale). A logarithmic or log-log scale, has logarithmic scales on both horizontal and vertical axis. Power functions (such as sqrt(x), x2 and x3), graph as a straight line on these scales. See Related Link

Is a circle non-linear?

No, but it is non-linear.

Will the plotted points 00 39 636 981 be linear or non linear?


What is a non-example of linear?

It is possible to give an example of non-linear, but I have no idea what a non-example is. Is a non-example of linear a curve. That would be my first thought but not sure

Is transistor linear or non linear?

linear in active region....