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Some do, some don't. It is wrong to generalise.

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Q: Why students find math as a difficult subject?
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What is the difference between findings and conclusions?

The findings in a thesis are statements in numerical form like 70% of the teachers perceived that math is difficult for students. while conclusion are general statements regarding that results like most of the teachers perceived that math is difficult subject for the students.

Is bridge math hard?

Bridge Math is not difficult, for its instructions shows its students with better improvement from math.

Math is the subject most difficult for you?

math is my favorite subject, too. it is so easy!

Why do so many students find math so difficult?

Some students can find math difficult because it requires abstract thinking. Some people deal better with concrete concepts. This is why some math problems are presented as word problems. Math is difficult for some because you must imagine things, without having physical objects to look at and understand. People who do bad with algebra often do very good with geometry, since you can SEE what you are trying to solve.

What are the verbs in the sentence math is the subject most difficult for you?

most difficult

Is math a difficult subject for some students?

mathematics is assumed to be difficult by some student make a research of the cause and suggest ways of improving both teacting and learning of mathematics in both primary

Why do students hate math?

Not all students hate math but students that do it's because of a lack of interest in the subject caused possibly by poor teaching techniques that makes math boring and uninteresting.

What is the most difficult math subject?

For many people, Calculus is the most difficult math subject. But it really depends on what is easier for you. For example, some people who are excellent at Calculus still have trouble with basic algebra. Calculus has long been considered the most difficult math subject. For younger kids algerbra is also very difficult to learn.

Why you feel sleepy while working on math?

most likely it is because you find the subject boring or difficult so it is hard to keep focused. Keep at it!

What is the most difficult maths ever and how does it relate to the saving environment of Antarctica?

Mathematical difficulty is subject to interpretation, but the majority of upper level math students find the concepts contained in calculus and differential equations most difficult. Concepts relevant to calculus are used in determining atmospheric gradients, which are important in determining global atmospheric trends.

Where can one find cool math games for students?

Math games that are geared towards students can be found on the internet on many different websites. For example, Ebay and Amazon offer a great variety of different math games that can be purchased for students to assist them in liking math.

What are the best strategy in teaching math subject?

Let the students LOVE the MATH.... Its easy to create a perfect atmospher, activities for those doesnt like the MATH.