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Q: Why students should repeat a class?
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Should failing students be forced to repeat a grade?


How many students should be there in class 4?


Why should students be able to use a calculator in math class.?

Students should be able to use calculators in math class because it is needed to know how to use a calculator.

Why should students have their phone taken away?

Because it is a distraction to teachers and students in the class.

Should iPods be listened to in class?

students should listen to ipods during class because im awesome

Should students have to walk in class when traveling as a class?

Of course not, this show independence and responsibility

Should a teacher discuss his or her social and political view to his or her students in class?

No. Not even if relevant to class.

Should students run or stretch first in PE class?


Should India have a common board exam for students of std 12?

yes there should be a common board exam for students of class 12 .

How many students do you supposed to have in a Class?

In my class, i have 11 classmates in another school they have 27 students, so I'm like this is too many students! Well, i believe it should have at least 15-20.

Is there free online test for icse class 10 students appearing in the 20010examination?

yes there should be online test foricse class 10 students appearing in 2010

Should students be allowed to sit anywhere in class?

yes students should be allowed to sit any where in class. As long as they can pay attention[: