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Q: Why temporary benchmark is located outside the construction side?
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What does scaffold builder mean?

Scaffold, or scaffolding is the temporary stick/pipe structures erected outside buildings undedr construction or renovation. They're used to give construction workers access to the facade during work. And a scaffold builder is the guy who puts them up.

What is a temporary structure made on the outside of a building?

The outside of a temporary building structure is typically made of steel. Have a look at the website in the related links for more information.

What is an outdoor kitchen construction?

Outdoor kitchen construction is building a kitchen outside of your home. It is usually for cooking on a grill out in your backyard. You basically being the inside of your home outside.

What is located outside the bones?

what it located outside the bone is nerves and blood vessels

What particles are located inside the nucleus and what is located outside the nucleus?

Neutrons and protons are located inside the nucleus and electrons are located outside.

Why is passive immunity temporary?

because antibodies are not generated from the body but given from outside the body

Where is the outside temperature sensor located on a 1999 Cadillac Deville?

where is the outside temp. sensor located on a 1997 cad.deville

Where is the electron located?

It is located orbiting around the outside of the nucleus.

Where is Oxie located?

It is a suburb located outside Malmö, Sweden.

Where is Calvary hill located in Jerusalem?

It is located outside of Jerusalem.

Are the organs of the upper respiratory tract located outside the thorax?

yes. In the head and neck.

Why are there agencies outside of the department of defense?

Agencies outside of the Department of Defense are there to provide support for the Department of Defense. They may perform activities such as the provision of goods and services. For instance, they may provide equipment for troops. They may provide Intelligence gathering that does not involve a target that falls under a need for military surveillance, but is considered to be a risk for national security. The government hires many contractors outside of the organization,particularly when the nature to the services will be temporary, such as the construction of a facility.