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This is an outstanding question. On the atomic and molecular scale rotation tends to determine the spherical shape. Molecules do tend to organize in a spherical manner on a large scale as rain drops. However, should the raindrop grow too large as it falls neck instability tends to give it a barbell shape in which it will break into more than one sphere.

But besides rotation for planets they tend to "organize" around a center of mass and gravitational forces are at work here. I welcome additional comments on this subject.

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Q: Why the shape of very small object and very big object is spherical?
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What shape can a star be?

Usually it should be spherical. However, if it rotates very fast, it will be an elipsoid.Usually it should be spherical. However, if it rotates very fast, it will be an elipsoid.Usually it should be spherical. However, if it rotates very fast, it will be an elipsoid.Usually it should be spherical. However, if it rotates very fast, it will be an elipsoid.

What is the difference between size and shape of an object?

When referring to size, something can be very small or very big. When referring to the shape, an item can be round, square, or even a triangle.

What is the name given to the spherical shape of the earth?

The shape of the Earth is very close to that of an oblate spheroid or oblate ellipsoid.

Does a neutron have a definite shape and volume?

Nothing on the subatomic level is entirely definite, as described by Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle, but within the limits of that uncertainty, yes, neutrons have a definite shape (spherical) and volume (which is very small).

Is it true that When you apply a force an object it deforms for a while then returns to its original shape?

On a very small scale, it is true.

The nearly perfect spherical shape of the moon is an indication that it is spinning very rapidly?

It is not spinning at all.

Why is Deimos potato shaped?

Deimos is a very small moon, so small that it does not have enough gravity to make itself spherical.

What are the benefits of a spherical car?

Well, the most aerodynamic shape is a teardrop/raindrop shape. You would think a spherical car (assuming you means completely spherical) would be very aerodynamic. But that is false. The exit of the wind passing over/under/around your car is as important as when the wind hits it initially. So a spherical rear end would be much worse that a tapered rear end.

What object 3 meters long?

A small car.

Does the pressure of a liquid depend on its density?

Density is an intrinsic property, and as such it does not depend on the size of the object. A drop of water will have a density of 1g/ml whether it is a big drop, or a very small drop.

What does paragon mean?

It is somebody or something that is the very best example of something.

How do planets becomes spherical?

The quick layman's answer is 'gravity'. Imagine an object with the same over-all density and mass as the earth, only it is in the shape of a solid cylinder 100 miles in diameter. It would be (for just a brief moment) like a wire stretched out over a very long distance. It could never maintain such a shape; the object would still have gravity, and the ends would quickly and catastrophically collapse toward the center. This would be quite a thing to witness. By the time all the crashing and exploding comes to an end, the mass would be roughly spherical. This is just to visually illustrate the idea of gravity pulling the mass into a spherical shape; in fact some of the impacts may be so great that some of the material might be propelled at such a velocity that it would never return.