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Algebra is a tremendously useful mathematical tool, without which modern science and technology would not have been possible.

Algebra was invented as a tool for solving mathematical problems, and it has proved to be tremendously useful. Modern technology as we know it would have been impossible without the use of algebra.


More accurately, algebra is the set of symbols and rules used to construct mathematics. It is not a calculating tool to solve problems in its own right, but allows you to express the ways in which to solve those problems.

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Q: Why was algebra invented?
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Where was algebra invented?

Algebra was invented in Egypt and Babylon in 862bc !!!!

How algebra was invented?

Algebra was invented by Muslims in ancient times.

When did algebra start?

Algebra was invented by ancient Muslims.

How was algebra made?

Algebra was invented by many people

Who invented algebra and who brought algebra to Europe?

It mpm

Where did algebra origanate?

Algebra was invented by ancient Muslims.

Who is the inventor of algebra?

Algebra was invented by ancient Muslims.

Inventors of algebra?

Algebra was invented by Muslims in ancient times.

Who invented algebra tiles?


Who invented the algebra?

Algebra was invented by "Al- Khawarzami. He was the founder of analytical algebra. His famous book is "Hisabul-jubr-wal-muqbal".

Who invent algebra?

Algebra was invented by the Muslim mathematician Al-Khwarizmi.

When algebra was invented?

A.d. 820

Who invented the formula for slope in algebra?


Who invented the zero and algebra?

The Romans

What is the contribution of George Boole to Boolean algebra?

George Boole invented Boolean algebra.

What region invented Algebra?

Arabs and Babylonians. Algebra comes from the Arabic 'al-jabr'.

Who invented Mayan number system?

arabic invented numbers and algebra

Who invented Boolean Algebra?

jeff bezos

What country invented algebra?

Iraq Baghdad

Which Indian mathematician invented Algebra?


Who invented algebra and what is his or her name?


What did the Babylonians invent and when?

they invented beer and algebra

What type of math was invented by the Muslims?

the type of math that was invented by the Muslims was algebra

When was algebra invented Why?

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Did the Islamic civilization invent algebra?

Yes. It was Al Khawarzmi who invented Algebra. (Refer: Ibn-i-Khaldoon)