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Q: Why was china isolated for so many centuries?
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How china geography kept its early settlements isolated?

Because the other nations did not nothing about China so the Georgraphy help China to cover the m selves:-)

How was China isolated?

China shared a huge length of its border with India and parts of "Russia", and there were many trade routes that were used by people from Europe, like Marco Polo. Before those times, China was isolated by tall mountain ranges and the ocean.

How many years does it takes in building the great wall?

The wall of china was made by the slaves of china to protect there area from the enemies. So no fix time frame is there but it had been long work more than centuries. Sachin kalambe

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Countless Centuries Fled into the Distance Like So Many Storms was created on 2008-07-22.

Why was China isolated from the rest of the world?

China isolated itself from the rest of the world during certain periods in its history, such as the Ming and Qing dynasties, due to a belief in their own cultural superiority and a desire to maintain strict control over their society. The government enforced strict trade regulations and limited foreign interactions to protect Chinese traditions and values.

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