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Because the "normal" units such as miles or kilometres were too small.

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Q: Why was the measurement for astronomical unit chosen?
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How do I use astronomical unit in a sentence?

An Astronomical Unit is the distance between Earth and the Sun and is used as a measurement unit for measuring the distances of other objects from Earth.

What is the name of a measurement beginning with A?

* An AU - astronomical unit. * An Acre. * An Ampere.

What is the unit of measurement approximately e qual to the distance between the sun and the earth?

astronomical unit

What is an astronomiacal unit?

An Astronomical Unit is a unit of measurement roughly equal to the average distance between the Earth and the Sun; about 150 Million Kilometres.

The average distance between the earth and the sun is a standard measurement called?

astronomical unit i guess

What is the measurement term used from the earth to the sun?

Astronomical Unit- The distance between objects in the solar system!

What is the unit of measurement you use in your solar system?

the units used are light seconds, minutes, hours and astronomical units.

What is the unit of measurement between earth and sun?

The average distance between Sun and Earth is called the "astronomical unit". It is approximately 150 million km.

What is the distance between earth and the sun abbreviated?

That's called astronomical unit, or AU.That's called astronomical unit, or AU.That's called astronomical unit, or AU.That's called astronomical unit, or AU.

What is the meaning of astronomical unite?

If you mean, "astronomical unit," then it is a measurement of distance. One AU is the distance from the Sun to the Earth. So for example, the Earth is 1 AU from the sun, and Pluto is about 70.

What is the astronomical unit based on?

An astronomical unit is the distance from the sun to earth.

How many square units are area of parallelogram?

It depends on which unit of measurement is chosen and the size of the polygon.