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Q: Why we have to wait for 2 minutes before starting to count bubbles?
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Why prevention in formation of bubbles in agar plate preparation?

To avoid the bubbles from being count as a colony because they look exactly the same.

How much minutes are left or how many minutes left?

how many, because you can count it. If you can't count something like sugar, use how much

What is a Verb starting with C?


How many minutes would it take you to count to 1 million if it takes you one second to count each number?

16,666 minutes and 40 seconds.

If it took 6 minutes to count to 1000 how long would it take to count to 100000?

Say it out load. "If it take me 6 minutes for 1,000, how many of the 6 minutes (1,000) go into 100,000?" The answer is 100 (100,000 / 1,000) = 100 So it would take 600 minutes or (600/60) = 10 hours to count to 100,000

What is the count down for in lies by Michael grant?

The count down in lies is a count down of the minutes/hours until Mary's 15th Birthday.

How many minutes is it from 10pm to 5pm?

Count the hours, and multiply by 60. An hour has 60 minutes.

How long does it take to count to 1500?

If you count one number a second, then it will take 25 minutes.

How do you defeat the Angel King in Drawn to Life?

swim up and away from him. Then shoot him up at him he make a trail of bubbles before he swims past don't go into the bubbles he will then spawn 3 shadow fish shoot them and then shoot the bottom of the Angel king to finish killing him. it's sort of like frostwind. the raposa you save is called count choco.

What to do for one hour and 30 minutes?

See how high you can count

How many minutes does it take to count to a million?

it could take about 1 million seconds but it depends on how fast you count

How long does it take to count to a thousand?

It depends how fast you count; if you count one number each second it is 1000 seconds; if you count very fast, like 4 numbers per second, you can count to 1000 in about 4 minutes