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Q: Why we need fuel additive specially diesel fuel additive?
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Will the diesel fuel filter need to be replaced if the diesel freezes in the car engine freezes?

If the diesel fuel "gels" then yes the filter will need replaced.

What is the best additive to mix with jp8 fuel for use in off road diesel equipment?

JP8 was invented to be compatible with diesel. You don't really need to put any additives in it, but if you insist I'd use something like Howes Meaner Power Cleaner.

How would water get into the fuel system on a diesel engine?

Water is attracted to diesel fuel. Moisture in the air gets in there. That's why you need the special filters for this.

How do you bleed fuel system on diesel x-trail?

In order to bleed a fuel system on a diesel x-trail you will need to release the fuel in the system. This can be done by removing the fuel system or draining the pump.

What is a good engine additive for 2000 vw beetle?

If it's a diesel, use Howes Diesel Treat. You get this at any Walmart, auto parts store or truck stop. It goes in the fuel and does a lot of stuff...most important, it lowers the pour point of the fuel so if the temperature drops below freezing your car will still start. You don't need additives on a gas engine.

How can you convert petrol engine in into diesel engine?

You can convert a petrol engine into a diesel engine by changing the fuel injectors. The fuel filters will also need to be changed.

What car additive can be used to reduce black smoke from an exhaulst?

you probbaly need new fuel injectors

Can you add oil if you put gas in a diesel engine?

Putting gas in a diesel engine will not be fixed by adding oil. The fuel needs to be drained or pumped out if the mixture is too high. If only a few liters of gasoline were put into a tank of diesel, adding a diesel fuel conditioner could help. Gasoline will damage diesel fuel pumps and injectors because it does not have the lubricating properties of diesel. The fuel pump and injectors need lubrication from the diesel fuel or they will seize up and be destroyed.

Is it legal to store diesel fuel in a home tank?

Yes, you can store diesel fuel in a home tank. It will be important that you store it in a tank designed to hold diesel fuel and that it is stored outside in a location that will not create hazardous or safety concerns. You also need to maintain the tank and the fuel properly.

What will you add to diesel fuel to get rid of black smoke?

the black smoke is unburnt fuel. you need a leaner air/fuel mixture.

Does a renault clio diesel fuel injection pump need programming by renault?


What Fuel tank size do you need for 100 liters of diesel?

100 litres.