Why we need ratio in life?

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what is ratio?

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Q: Why we need ratio in life?
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How can ratio help us in daily life?

importance of ratio in our daily life

How is the golden ratio used in your daily life?

I use the Golden Ratio in my daily life to design websites.

Where is ratio used in real life?

two stroke pre mix : say ratio of oil : petrol is 1 : 20, then say if you have 10 litres of petrol, you need to add 0.5 litres of oil

When finding a ratio do you need to simplify?


What is the ratio of the length of a square?

To determine a ratio, you need two quantities, not just one.

Does a ratio need to be a whole number?

Yes, a number in a ratio must be a whole number.

What is the ratio of a number?

There is no such thing as the ratio of a number. You need two numbers to calculate a ratio. A ratio is the same as a quotient. For example, the ratio of 4 to 2 is the same as 4 divided by 2.

Is it true that a ratio is a rate?

No. It can be but need not be. For example, you might calculate the ratio of today's temperature in Celsius and in Fahrenheit and calculate the ratio. That is not a rate.

What would a real life example of the Golden Ratio be?

the pyramids in Egypt are build exactly to the golden ratio.

What is the ratio of 3?

To find a ratio, you need to compare two numbers. Since you have only given one number, it is impossible to find a ratio.

What is the compression ratio of 600 PSI?

"600 psi" is not a compression ratio; it's a pressure. For a RATIO, you need to compare TWO different numbers.

What is the ratio 3.2 equal to?

Please help i need this by the way the ratio is 3:2 not 3.2 The equivalent ratio of 3:2 is 6:4

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