Why were plays censored?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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They were censored because people didnt want to do them! hahahahahaha

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Q: Why were plays censored?
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Is there any swearing in disidia Final Fantasy?

has mild *CENSORED* such as *CENSORED* , *CENSORED* and *CENSORED*

How do you spell censored as in the inmates mail gets censored before it goes out?

Censored is the correct spelling.

When was Project Censored created?

Project Censored was created in 1996.

Why shouldn't video games be censored?

They wouldn't be censored if their creators wanted them not to be. If the creator wanted it to be censored he/she wouldn't bother putting it into a game.

What can be censored?

Inappropriate content can be censored, whether it be swearing, or sexual content.

Was Mortal Kombat on SNES censored?

No just Sub-Zero's Fatality was censored.

Is live tv censored?

Usually it is censored through a brief broadcast delay.

Are there censored versions of rap cds?

yes and no.rap cds are barley censored.

When was Censored Colors created?

Censored Colors was created on 2008-09-16.

Where can you watch Sekirei in English and censored?

In English, yes, censored, NO. Anime is designed for Adults, not children. :P

Can you buy censored versions of songs on I tunes?

yes. if it says clean next to it, its censored.

Did they make a censored version of fallout 3?

All version of fallout 3 were censored.