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Because once caught, they were subject to everything from whipping and other torture to being put to death. Maybe because, in a new world they did not know what to do not knowing whatwas out there be Because if they were caught, they were shackled and whipped and possibly faced death.

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Q: Why were slaves afraid to escape?
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Why slaves were afraid of running away?

Slaves were afraid because if the were found they would be severally punished. Lots were whipped and some were chased by dogs. If they managed to escape slaves would take to underground railroad to escape to a free state

Who helped slaves escape to freedom?

It was Harriet Tubman who helped the slaves escape.

Why did William Still help slaves escape?

Maybe he was a helper with others slaves like an abolisionist to help slaves escape.

What time did slaves escape?

They normally wanted to escape at night.

What did Sojourner Truth do for the slaves?

Helped slaves escape the South.

How long did it take for slaves to escape?

It took slaves an average of 15 months to escape if they started at the beginning of the Underground Railroad. The escape route was 234 miles long.

How slaves escape?

most of them escape in the under ground rail road

Why did some white people not want to help the slaves?

Some white people did not want to help the slaves because they were afraid of being persecuted, they agreed with slavery or they were disinterested by the idea of slavery and therefore felt no need to help slaves. However, the answer depends on what you mean by 'help the slaves'. Because it could denote fighting against slavery or helping slaves escape.

Was it possible for slaves to escape?


How the did slaves planned for their escape?

Ask them (:

How many slaves did William Still help escape?

William still helped upto 60 slaves escape to Canada a month

Why did slaves not learn how to read or write?

They were afraid slaves were going to communicate with eachother

How many whippings do slaves get if they try to escape?

if slaves try to escape in any way they received at least over 25-75 whippings

Who were Spartans afraid would rebel?


Why slaves tried to escape?

Slaves tried to escape so that they could obtain their freedom. They were treated poorly and worked very hard and many tried to escape to become free men and women.

Why were slaves chained together?

Slaves were chained together so that if one tried to escape, it wouldn't be as easy. He would need the whole group of chained slaves to escape with him. But it would be very slow.

In what year did slaves from the south escape?


Did slaves escape to Iowa?

only on tuesdays

How the slaves escape?

by using the underground railroad.

From which states did most slaves escape and why?


How many slaves did harriet Tubman help escape in 20 years?

7,000 slaves.

What did slaves use to escape to freedom?

Slaves used a system called The Underground Railroad.

How did the slaves find their way to escape?

Slaves travelled by night and followed the North Star.

Who was a person who helped slaves escape?

Harriett Tubman helped over 200 slaves escape including her family after she herself escaped through the underground railroad.

How many times did Tubman help slaves to escape?

she her slef escaped slavery. then she returned 19 more times to help other slaves escape slavery.