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Many reasons. Did you take the plug out of #4?

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Q: Why would a 93 corolla have 190psi compression on three cylinders and 0psi on the forth cylinder?
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What should the cylinder compression be on a 2003 Nissan sentra with a 1.8 engine?

Cylinders compression pressure Sentra 1.8 : 192 psi

350 Chevy not running on all cylinders?

Start by testing the compression. It should be consistent within a few PSI on each cylinder. Any cylinders that have little or no compression probably have a burned valve. If all cylinders are up, check the plugs, wiring and distributor.

How do you fix an engine with low compression in all 6 cylinders?

The repair depends on what is causing the low compression. Low compression can be caused by a blown head gasket, cracked cylinder head, burnt or damaged valves, worn or cracked piston rings, scored block cylinders. It's kind of hard to imagine that an engine would have low compression on all 6 cylinders unless something major is wrong, or the compression gauge is not measuring properly.

Is there engine compression on a 1991 Mercury Sable 305 engine with the timing chain broken?

You may have compression on any cylinder where the valves happen to be closed, but you will not have compression on all cylinders. 1991 Sable does not have a 305 engine.

What is the compression on a Chevy 366?

150 psi per cylinder with +/- 20 psi difference between cylinders

Is a used Toyota Corolla a 4 or 6 cylinder car?

It appears that Toyota does not offer a six cylinder Corolla. The corolla is a four cylinder vehicle. It is possible however, that Toyota has offered a six cylinder as special option in the Corolla.

What else do you check if one cylinder is not firing on your 1993 Nissan altima you changed cap and rotor plugs and fuel filter?

Run a compression check on all cylinders. If that cylinder has low compression you have a burned valve or bad head gasket.

Why does your twin cam 01 SC2 Saturn shudder under acceleration?

Possibly one of the cylinders is misfiring. Try a tune-up and/or check the cylinder compression of all 4 cylinders.

What is the cylinder compression on a 1994 Isuzu trooper?

I'm not sure of the exact values; they should be in your Haynes repair manual. However, if you compression test all of the cylinders and find one that is lower you have a compression problem with that cylinder. It is also possible to have 2 that are lower, this would most likely indicate a warp in the head between those two cylinders. Other causes for compression loss are damaged or gunked up valves that do not close all the way or a crack in the head.

What is the stock cylinder compression on a 1988 V6 2.9L ford ranger?

Highest and lowest cylinders should not exceed a 10% difference

Why would a engine have no compression in all cylinders?

Causes of low/no compression: Blown head gasket, cracked cylinder head, cracked piston, worn piston rings, grooves in cylinder wall caused by broken piston rings ... there may be more.

Is the head bad if there is no compression or is it the oil pump that operates the lifters on a 1988 323?

No compression on all cylinders would indicate a broken cam belt. i think this motor has hydralic lifter, but for them to cause no compression it would be unlikly. when you say no do you mean none at all or low compression? a broken cam belt could be the cause if all cylinders have no compression. if the cylinders are down it could be bad valve seats (the point of contact between the valve and the head). if it is one or two cylinders it could be cracked head or cracked/broken head gasket. the only other possablilities are broken rings or broken piston. you need to know compression reading of all cylinders in a dry and wet situation. to do this 1:take the compesssion of a cylinder 2:then remove compression guage and squirt two good squirts of engine oil in the cylinder through the plug hole. 3:retake comperssion reading of cylinder. if the compression reading increases you have bad rings, if it doesnt the rings are fine. hope that helped and not confused you Geoff

What is the firing order for a 1994 Toyota Corolla?

Four cylinders, I hope... 1-3-4-2, with cylinder 1 closest to all the belts and pulleys etc.

What is the plural of cylinder?

The plural of cylinder is cylinders.

What is the inidivual cylinder compression of a 1986 Chevy 454 truck engine?

You will have to do a compression test yourself to know that. A engine that is in good shape should have at least 150 LBS. per cylinder. There can not be more then 20 LBS. difference in any cylinders. It has to have at least 100 LBS. for the cylinder to fire at an Idle.

What should the cylinder compression pressure be for 1991 Chevy s-10 2.5 liter engine?

It varies from one engine to the next but, what you want to see is that all the cylinders compression readings are within 10% of each other.

What is the Cylinder compression in a 2.5 liter engine?

The compression can be different from one engine to the next depending on mileage and maintenance. What is important is that all cylinders are within 10/15 lbs of each other.

What does a compression test tell you?

A compression test can tell you many things such as if you're getting blow by. which means one of two things either all the compression ring gaps on the piston line up in sync or possibly you have a crack in your cylinder. Also if you have the distributor shaft apart from the engine a compression test will help indicate when the proper piston is at TDC (top dead center). If you get low compression on one cylinder, put a teaspoon of engine oil down the bore. If the compression improves, then you have a worn bore or rings. If there is no difference, you have a burnt valve. If two adjacent cylinders are low, it is very likely that you have a blown cylinder head gasket between those cylinders. This could also include a warped cylinder head and may need skimming.

What is the cylinder compression for a 1999 135hp mercury outboard?

should be at least 100 PSI and the difference between cylinders should be less than 10% of each

Why won't your 88 chevy s10 v6 cylinder fire even though the plug and wire has been tested and is good?

Do a compression test on all the cylinders. You may find a mechanical problem with that dead cylinder.

What is the cylinder compression for a polaris 1996 425 magnum 4x4?

The cylinder compression, for your Polaris ATV, is 14 to 1. The cylinder compression usually decreases as the vehicle gets older.

How do you spell the plural of cylinder?

The plural of cylinder is cylinders.

Why does a Chevy 350 have low compression on adjacent cylinders?

If any two adjacent cylinders have low compression it's probably caused by a blown head gasket.

Auto Technician A says the total volume of all the cylinders in an engine is called the compression ratio?

The volume of an engine is called displacement and is typically measured in cubic inches or liters. An eight cylinder engine that could hold 1/2 liter of water (or air) in each cylinder would be a four liter engine. As the pistons move to the top of the cylinder in an exhaust stroke, they theoretically "displace" the 1/2 liter of air in each of the cylinders. The compression ratio is calculated during the compression stroke. If the piston occupies 90% of the enclosed cylinder space when it is at top dead center, the compression ratio is said to be 10 to 1, or 10:1. If the displacement of the cylinder was 10 cubic inches, it would have been compressed to 1 cubic inch.

What is the compression on a 1990 318?

Cylinder relationship is more important than actual numbers - There should be no more than a 10% variation between the highest and lowest cylinders