Why would a circuit not work?

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A circuit works based on a closed circuit(a complete circuit)and electricity supply.If without anyone of them,a circuit is not able to work.

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Q: Why would a circuit not work?
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Why would a circuit not work when a wire is replaced with cotton string?

why would a circuit not work when a wire is replaced with a cotton string

If a circuit had a gap in it would it work?

Nope... if the circuit has a gap in it - the path of electrons is interrupted, and that would stop the circuit from working.

When would a parallel circuit work better than a series circuit?

A parallel circuit would work better than a series circuit when there are multiple fixtures in a room that need the same amount of energy

Where would you put an ammeter in a circuit?

in a series circuit or it will not work. Put it after the bulb

What does the work in an electrical circuit?

The load that is connected in a circuit is what does the work in the circuit.

How would you troubleshoot a light circuit that does not work?

Tail light doesn't. Work with new bulb in

What are some reasons an electric circuit would not work?

The switch may be off or there is a break in the wire that stopped the electron flow in the circuit

Why would a whole room of wall outlets not work?

It would because the outlets are connected by a series circuit.

What are circuit board components used for?

Circuit board components are used to mechanically connect and electrically support the different parts inside the circuit board. Without the components, the circuit board would not work.

Can a step down transformer increase current in a DC circuit?

Transformers only work with alternating currents. So the answer is Yes, BUT it would have to be a DC Pulsing circuit. using flip flop circuit or a 555 circuit or chop circuit.

What type of circuit would be used in lighting circuit?

A lighting circuit would be a parallel circuit.

In what type of circuit does electricity travel when it does work?

Electricity travels in a closed circuit when it does work.

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