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hi, I don't think there is any conection.The distributor picks up rotation from engine and have nothing to do with transmission.It could got broken for different reasons-old and burned out from heat is most likely.Distributor caps have to be changed once in a while- is a must.

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โˆ™ 2006-04-14 00:33:20
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Q: Why would a distributor break in half replaced with a new one but now a load clicking noise in transmission?
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How do you knows when to change your distributor?

When it breaks. The only thing that might break in a distributor that would make you change the distributor is the vacuum advance can. Points, condenser, rotor and electronic ignition parts break too, but you can change them.

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the electronic ignitor on the distributor is fryed.. chances are the distributor is taking them out, replace the ignitor and the distributor, but before this, make sure you didnt break your timing belt...

Why does the Car jerk forward while braking is it the ABS or the transmission?

If a car jerks forward while in the break position it is not the Automatic Break System but rather the transmission.

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The distributor may be faulty or have a crack, there may be a disconnection or a dirty connection from the distributor to the spark plug (s). The connections on the distributor may be corroded. Some where there is a break in the power train in the non-firing cylinders.

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The clicking may be a sign of the CV joint bearings going out. You need to have them checked out before they break down and leave you stranded.

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There is no recall for the Toyota 4runner transmission. Some Toyota's have had break problems that may have started the recall rumors on some Toyota products but, there is no recall for the Toyota 4runner transmission.

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Why did my 1987 Monte Carlo ss transmission all of a sudden stop going into gear?

check the transmission linkage to be sure it didn't come off or break.

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The most common reason for a transmission to go bad is not maintaining it properly. Another cause is hot temperature. Heat can break down the fluid that protects the transmission causing it to fail.

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