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If the wiring is fine, replace the receptacle.

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Q: Why would a regularly used outlet lose power when its breaker has not popped - there are no hot wires in the outlet box yet the other outlets work?
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What would cause one entire room and one outlet in the house to lose electricity and the breaker box never went off?

If the room is on the same circuit as a GFI in a bathroom or near a sink and the GFI kicked out it could cause the circuits further from the breaker box not to work. Check to see if any of those have been popped and reset them. It would be a small button on the actual outlet. I used to lose a couple of outlets when my wife's old hairdryer popped the GFI.

If your circuit breaker popped and will not go back what should you do?

first be sure to reset the breaker handle to the off position. When a breaker trips the handle goes to a neutral position. After resetting the handle turn it tothe on position. If it trips again there is a short in the circuit. Find out which outlets are not workingand unplug anything that is currently plugged in to the outlets. Reset the breaker and turn it to the on position,if it trips again call a qualified electrician.

What could cause an outdoor outlet to lose power if the outlet is new and the wires are getting power and the breaker has not popped?

Most outdoor outlets are on a GFCI device. Depending on when your house was wired the outside plugs may be fed from the GFCI in the bathroom. The method used was to take the downstream side of the bathroom GFCI and run it to the outside plugs all around the house. If you want to delve into this further open a discuss question page

Why doesn't my amplifer work?

It could be unlplugged. Don't laugh, it happens! It could have a blown fuse. The circuit for your wall outlet could have a blown fuse, or a popped breaker. Try plugging in to an outlet in a different room, if you can. Outside of those ideas, we would have to know, for instance, does it light up, at all? If it does light up, is there any sound when you turn the volume up? Like a hissing sound, for instance.

When the power cuts off after switching on an appliance what do I do?

You probably popped the breaker. The appliance is drawing too much current for that circuit (or is combined with too many other appliances on that circuit). Unplug it, turn the breaker back on. Try to find a different circuit to operate it on, or move other appliances to other circuits to reduce the load. If you own your residence you might be able to hire an electrician to completely rewire that circuit with larger capacity wire and breaker and changing the outlets also. This will get expensive though. I cannot use my microwave cooker and my stand mixer at the same time, together they will trip the breaker for the kitchen outlets, but one at a time is OK. It might also be an earth fault in the appliance - As stated turn off other appliances on the same circuit (that should cancel out any over load) and test again . If the breaker drops then the appliance is the issue

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Popped out a frost plug or broken outlet on radiator where top and bottom hose connects.

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If the chain has a master link it can be popped open, sometimmes with bare hands, sommetimes with a plier. If it hasn't you need a special chain breaker tool.

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