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Ln'j 'j kj'o j'

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Q: Why would burying the Midwest in 5 cm of ash be so devastating?
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What happened on mt vesuvius?

Mt Vesuvius erupted, burying the city of Pompeii, Italy with its ash. The city completely disappeared

What are the most devastating volcanoes?

ones that spew lava straight up and those that make a lot of ash

What damage doese volcanoe cause?

What usually causes the most damage is the pyroclastic debris and the ash. The ash isn't normal fire ash (tephra) more than 10 cm of volcanic ash can collapse a building. The next most devastating factor is the pyroclastic flow (lahar), gases through fumaroles and lastly the lava is least devastating. (Anyone can out run a lava flow... backwards)

What would happen if Mount Rainier did erupt again?

If Mount Rainier were to erupt, one likely outcome would be that the glaciers on top of it would melt and mix with volcanic ash, forming devastating mudflows called lahars.

What city a long time ago had a volcano eruption and dug every thing up?

The Volcano dubbed Vesuvius erupted in 79AD, burying the greek town of Pompeii in volcanic ash and burying many of the inhabitants. There are some eye-witness accounts that still survive.

What is ash allergies?

Ash is a tree. An allergy to ash would mean you would sneeze, have hives, or have trouble breathing when you come into contact with ash pollen or ash wood.

How are volcanoes destructive?

Volcanoes are destructive in many ways. Lava destroys everything in its path, but the ash can clog and pollute the air as well, as well as blanketing and burying plants and animals.

Who would win in a battle against red and ash?

really re would kill ash

What month did mount Pinatubo erupt?

It erupted catastrophically in June 1991 after 600 years of dormancy, killing hundreds of people and burying hundreds of square miles under volcanic ash.

Whats a good username with Ash in it?

A good username with 'Ash' in it would be 'Ash001'.

What would an Ash Tree tattoo mean?

an ash tree tattoo would mean that you would like to remember someone with the name Ashley. The meaning of Ashley is ' from ash tree field' kinda cool

If Ash Ketchum was a vampire what would you answer?

If Ash Ketchum was a vampire it would be interesting and he also would prey on humans for blood at night as well.

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