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Some people add milk first and tea second, others add the tea first. So why not?

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Q: Why would someone add the 10 first if it was 10 23?
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What is the trick where you make someone get a specific number?

The trick is that you ask somebody to think of a number, double it, add 10, half it , take away the first number you thought of and your answer is 5 . This is because you asked them to add 10 and their answer was 5. it is just the same with other numbers as long as they are even. Say if you asked them to add 8, their answer would be 4 or if you asked them to add 6, their answer would be 3. You just half the number that you added and it will instantly get you their answer.

What is a triangler sequence?

Its a Sequence when you add 1 more number onto the last number you added on for example 1 is the first number you would add 2 which would make 3 then you would add 3 which would make 6 then you add 4 which would make 10 and so on.

Why were the first 10 amendment add to construction?

They are the Bill of Rights and were put there so we would know our rights.

What are two numbers that multiply to -90 and add up to -10?


What is an inverse property of subtraction?

Addition. Start with nothing. Add 10. Subtract 10. Or first subtract 10, then add 10. Result is back where you started.

What would you get if you add 10 tenths together?

One whole.

Would you go out with someone who is 10?

yes because i am 10

How do you add 34 plus 56?

First you line them up like this.... 34 +56 _____ Then you start by adding 4+6= 10 so you carry the 1 from 10 up on top of the 3 then you add the 5+3=8 then you have to add the 1 to that so it would be 5+3+1=9 so your answer would be 90

How do you explain ratio?

a ratio is a comparison between 2 or more things. To work ratio out, it will be easier if you separate it into parts. if you was to work out the ratio of money, you would add the ratio together. whatever the number is you convert into money. you would then times it by the first number of the ratio which is the answer of the first of the first part, then you add it to the second number, and then that is the answer to the ratio problem. This is an example: if you had to work out £100 and the ratio was 8:2 this is how you would do it. first part you add the 8 and the 2 together which is 10, convert that into money it is £10 second part you times the 8 and the £10 together which is £80 third part you times the 2 and the £10 together which is £20 then you put it in ratio which is £80:£20

How do you do x-10 equals 3?

move the -10 onto the other side and swap the signx=3+10x=13*****************My version is basically the same as above, but...x-10=3First you would add 10 to both sides. This balances out the fact that in the equation you are subtracting. It the equation was x+10 you would subtract 10. Add.x-10=3+10 +10x=13So your answer is that X is 13.

What would you use to add 10 drops of liquid?

you would use a dropper

If i had 10 and someone took 5 how much money would i have left?

If you had 10 and someone took away 5 you would have been left 5.

What could you add to 542 to make it divisible by 10?

You would add 8 - making the number 550. 550 divided by 10 is 55.

Do you always regroup when adding?

only when the answer is 10 or more, for example, 14+18, you would add the four and the eight which would give you 12, you would keep the 2 and add it to the next part of the problem you would do, which is 1+1 (actually 10 plus 10) and then you add the one from the 12 and then you get 3. But if you were doing 4+4, you wouldn't have to.

Is negative 18 greater then negative 10?

no. its like would you rather owe someone 18 dollars or would you rather owe someone 10 dollars. so -10 is greater

What is the sum of first 10 composite numbers?

They add up to: 254

What is 10 add 10 add 20 add 20 add 20?

10 + 10 + 20 + 20 +20 = 80.

What answer would you do if you had to add 10 t?

+ 10*t. For anything else, you need to know what t is.

When can you add 2 to 11 and get 1 as the result?

add -10... 11 + (-10) = 11-10=1 ur welcome! So that would be 2x + 11 = 1 where x = -5.

What is the partial-sums method?

The partial sums method is a way to do addition in which you add up each place value separately, then add the results together. For instance, if you were adding 567 and 483, you would first add 500 and 400, then 60 and 80, then 7 and 3. You would then add the results, 900, 140, and 10, to get the answer, 1,050.

What if you add one electron to the element having 9 protons and 10 neutrons?

Then it would have 10 electrons and it would have a charge of 1+.

If someone took 10 10 mg Diazapam and 20 500mg vicodine would they overdose?

First of all there is no "500mg" VICODIN (not vicodine) There is however a 5/500. which contains 500mg of acetaminophen (Tylenol) 20 500mg pills would be 10grams of Tylenol, which is considered a FATAL dose. So add the way to much Valium on top of that, yes you would overdose and most likely die. Have fun with it though!

Use words numbers or pictures to tell how you would make a 10 to add 9 to 5?

add 9 plus 5 than subtract 1 from 5 to add it to 9 will give you 10

What can you add 10 to 10 and still have 10?

You can if you redefine the term "add".

What is the difference between adding and subtracting fractions?

to add a fraction, get a common denominator, then add the numerators. example: 2/10+4/5 first get common denominators 2/10+8/10 then add the numerators 10/10 (simplify) 1 to subtract from a fraction, get common denominator, then subtract the numerators. example: 4/5-2/10 first get common denominators 8/10-2/10 then subtract the numerators 6/10 (simplify) 3/5