Why would you use a herbicide?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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Q: Why would you use a herbicide?
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How does using herbicide tolerant crops increase herbicide use?

Because the crop you are using is tolerant to the herbicide you are using, you can use more before it will damage the crop. Because of this, you use more herbicide to kill the unwanted flora.

How do you control clover when there is an herbicide ban where you live?

You use a herbicide to control clover not a pesticide.

Organic Herbicide ?

form_title= Organic Herbicide form_header= Use organic herbicide and help the environment. What is the square footage of your lawn?*= _ [50] Are you using more than one herbicide?*= () Yes () No What kind of vegetation will be using the herbicide?*= _ [50]

How do you kill the plant with the herbicide on poptropica?

step up to the plant, go to your items, click use herbicide.

Is it illegal to use household vinegar as an herbicide?

The only legal use of vinegar as an herbicide is when the vinegar is specifically labeled as such. Otherwise, it violates federal pesticide laws.

What's a safe herbicide to use?

Chlorine bleach is a very popular safe herbicide lately. Many who have used it are very happy with the results.

How to get rid of wild garlic in the lawn?

use a selective herbicide

What do you use the beaker for on steamworks island?

What you use the beaker for is, when you get into the living quarters then you will need it for a Herbicide mixture that will kill the "monster"...the Herbicide mixture formula is ( 3 Blue 2 green 4 Red )

Which pesticide would be most effective weed killers?


Is a caterpillar a herbicide?

No a caterpillar is not a herbicide it is the common term for the larval stage of a moth or a butterfly. A herbicide is a chemical or substance that kills plant materials. Normally if you wanted to kill caterpillars you would use an insecticide.

What is benazine?

Benazine is a herbicide. Would appreciate some additional information.

How do you use thistledown in a sentence?

I hope this herbicide is effective against the thistledown in the lawn.