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Q: Why would your engine sometimes bogg when stopped and sometimes not?
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What would make your 93 Volkswagen golf bogg and have no power when you try to drive it?

the check engine light goes on and off

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What could cause a 93 Mazda mx3 v6 engine to bogg out and lose all power?

Bad alternator

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Why would your truck bogg taking off after taking 323 gear out and putting in a 410 and truck is running fine.?

Check your timing

What would cause engine to bogg down once it is warm on a 1993 Mazda mx3?

Are you sure warm has anything to do with it? I thought my mx-3 getting warm then bogging down and it ended up being that the catalytic converter had fallen apart and was restricting the exhaust.

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What is the reason your 1995 sportage automatic delays shifting into high?

it delays bcause the computer has to see 1/4 engine temp. on guage, this protects the engine from "bogg load" when engine is cold. Just let engine warm up to 1/4 on engine temp guage on colder days before going anywhere. This is true for all sportages from 1995 thru 2001. Hope this helps.

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