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"Can't hold without holding it" doesn't make sense. Either you hold it, or you don't. Tertium non datur.

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Q: Why you cannot hold a bucket of water without holding it?
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Why can you not lift a bucket of water without holding it?

because there is no force applied on the bucket

Why cant you lift a bucket of water without holding it?

Because if you Don't, you will fart. Jon

How do you collect water in a bucket in minecraft?

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Are you doing work if you are standing against the wall holding a bucket of water?

In the general sense, you aren't, but in a scientific sense, as you are holding the bucket, then you are engaged in work. So it depends on what perspective you are asking from.

What is solute and solvent of water?

Water is a single compound so it cannot be a solute and solvent at the same time.If you have a drop of alcohol in a bucket of water then water is the solvent, but if you have a drop of water in a bucket of alcohol then water is the solute.

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What can hold a greater volume of water than a mug?

a bucket...

How do you ground a bucket of water?

poo in it how do you ground a bucket of water

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Pour a bucket of water.

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Giraffes cannot survive without water

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