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Q: Why you use 3.5 micro farad capacitor instead of 2.5 microfarad in ceiling fans?
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How many kelvins are there in 97.4 Farads?

A farad is the SI unit of capacitance, Kelvin is a measure of temperature. The two measure different things and there is no direct conversion from one to the other.

What are the metric units?

The International System of Units (generally referred to as the "SI") is the system of units of measurement, based on the metric system adopted in France in 1791. The SI base units are:Length: metre/meter (m)Mass: kilogram (kg)Time: second (s)Electric current: ampere (A)Temperature: kelvin (K)Luminous intensity: candela (CD)Amount of substance: mole (mol)All other units are derived from those seven. They include:Frequency: hertz (Hz)Angle: radian (rad)Force: newton (N)Pressure: pascal (Pa)Energy: joule (J)Power: watt (W)Electric potential: volt (V)Electric charge: coulomb (C)Capacitance: farad (F)Inductance: Henry (H)Resistance: ohm (Ω)Magnetic flux: weber (Wb)Magnetic field strength: tesla (T)Electric conductance: siemens (S)Solid angle: steradian (sr)Temperature: Celsius (°C)Luminous flux: lumen (lm)Illuminance: lux (lx)Radioactivity: becquerel (Bq)Adsorbed dose of ionizing radiation: gray (Gy)Equivalent dose of ionizing radiation: sievert (SV)Catalytic activity: katal (kat)

What units are used in electricity?

The international (or "SI") unit of electrical charge is the coulomb.When coulombs of electrical charge are flowing - which is called an electric current - the flow rate is measured in terms of coulombs per second which has been given the international unit name ampere. (Commonly shortened to "amp".)Since 1 ampere equals a flow rate of 1 coulomb per second, it's also correct to measure quantities of electric charge in terms of amperes times seconds, thus 1 coulomb equals one amperesecond.The unit quantity of electrical energy (or any other form of energy) is the joule.When joules of energy are flowing, the flow is measured in joules per second or watts.Since 1 watt equals 1 joule/second, it's also correct to measure energy in terms of watts times seconds, thus 1 joule equals one watt second.)A list of common electrical unitscoulomb (for electrical charge)amp (for current flow)volt (for potential difference)ohm (for resistance)farad (for capacitance)henry (for inductance)second (for time flow)hertz (for cycle/second)Another answerThe 'unit' is used by electrical utility companies in the United Kingdom (and, possibly, some other countries) as the standard unit of measurement for electrical energy for the purposes of billing their consumers. Typically, a British consumer would say, 'How many units of electricity did I use last month?'. meaning 'How many kilowatt hours of electrical energy did I use last month?'The term 'unit' derives from the name 'Board of Trade Unit', and is exactly equivalent to one kilowatt.hour (kW.h).i.e. 1 Unit = 1 kW.h

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If picofarad capacitor is replaced with microfarad capacitor then what will happend?

The unit of capacitor is farad. 1 farad =10 to the power of 6 microfarad and also = 10 to the power of 12 picofarad Therfore if you are replacing one picofarad capcitor into one microfarad capacitor you are increasing the capcitance to 1000000 times. If it is in an oscillator circuit you are changing the frequency drastically which will be of no use.

On a run capacitor what does the MFD stand for?

Farad is the basic unit for capacitance. The MFD is an abbreviation for microfarad, which is one-millionth of a farad. The capacitance of a 50 MFD capacitor is one 50 millionth of a farad.

What is a 2200 capacitor?

I imagine 2200 is the value and usual is in microfarad a one farad will be a huge capacitor to be used in electronics.

What does micro farads measure?

A microfarad measures electrical capacitance. A farad can be defined as the charge in coulombs, which is 1 ampere per second, that a capacitor will accept for the potential across it to charge one volt. A microfarad is equal to one millionth of a farad.

What is the Charge of 001 micro farad and 1 kilo vault?

The charge of a 0.001 microfarad capacitor at 1 kilovolt is 1 microcoulomb. This can be calculated using the formula Q = C * V. Given the capacitance C = 0.001 microfarads and the voltage V = 1000 volts (1 kilovolt), the charge Q = 0.001 microfarads * 1000 volts = 1 microcoulomb.

One farad is equal to?

Farad is a unit of capacitance - to measure the capacity of devices called capacitors. Farad means coloumb/voltage, in other words, if the capacitor has a capacity of 1 farad, it will store a charge of 1 coloumb for every volt. This is a huge unit; real capacitors are usually specified in microfarad, nanofarad or picofarad.

How many microfarads are there in one farad?

1000000 microfarad

What is the symbol of capacitor?

The symbol for a capacitor is two parallel lines with one curved line connecting them. It is often used in circuit diagrams to represent a capacitor.

What is the difference between a 1000 micro farad capacitor and a 1500 micro farad capacitor?

about 500 uF

What is the value for micro farad?

1 microfarad (μF) is equivilent to one-millionth (10-6) of a farad. Therefore, 1F = 0.000001μF :)

What is microfarad?

Fifty millionths of a farad, abbreviated as 50 uF. Farad is the unit of capacitance. 50 microamps DC flowing for 1 second will charge a 50 uF capacitor to 1 volt.

What is the use of 1 microfarad capacitor?

The use of the micro- prefix for capacitance, i.e. microfarads, is common because the farad is a very large unit of capacitance and we don't normally use capacitors in that range of value.