Will 5x120 fit 5x4.75

Updated: 9/24/2023
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Q: Will 5x120 fit 5x4.75
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Will a 5x100 stud pattern fit on a 5x120 stud pattern?


What cars will fit 5x120 bolt pattern?

most bmw's will fit that

Would BMW rims fit on a vw?

yes it will if you buy wheel adapters you will need 5x100 to 5x120 BMW if you have a mk3 or mk4 jetta depends if you have mk5 you will need 5x112 to 5x120 but you can fit Mercedes rims on a mk5 so why bother

Can the rims of a 750 BMW fit a 740il BMW?

of course same lug pattern 5x120

Will a 5x115 bolt pattern fit a 5x120 bolt pattern?

4 of the lugs will but the 5th one wont go

Will bolt pattern 5x115 wheels fit on a 5x120 bolt pattern?

4 of the lugs will but the 5th one wont go

Will BMW 325i wheels fit a Scion tc?

They will only fit with minor modification. Scion TCs' bolt pattern is 5 x 100. BMW uses a 5X120 bolt pattern. Only way for it to work is to buy 5x100 to 5x120 wheel adapters. You can find them on eBay for about 30 bucks a wheel

Will a wheel made for a 2003 745I fit a 1999 gs 300?

No BMW bolt pattern is 5x120 Lexus gs is 5x114

You are looking to put some rims on your blazer your bolt pattern is 5x120 and the rims you want are 5x115 will these fit?

use common sense... no

Will a 5x114.3 bolt pattern fit a 5x120 bolt pattern?

No...unless u use adapters and then it throws off the offset...not recommended.

Will BMW e46 rims fit WV 2014 jetta?

Unfortunately they will not fit on your Jetta. The bolt pattern on the BMW E46 wheels is 5x120, while the bolt pattern on the 2014 VW Jetta is 5x112

Is the s10 bolt pattern 120.7mm commonly specified as 120mm?

no they are 2 different sizes of wheels. to use a 5x120 you would need an adapter for them to properly fit