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Depends. A Delta Shopmaster will, but a Craftsman 21236 won't.

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Q: Will a 10 inch miter saw cut through a 4 x 4?
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What size miter saw is required to cut a 4 inch by 6 inch beam?

at least a 10 inch dia , saw

How do you cut shims on a table saw?

Depending on how comfortable you are using a table saw, you can do it free hand or with the miter gauge. Use a 6 inch piece of 2x6 and run it through at an angle. Usually about 1/4 inch thick on the thick end.

What sizes does the Bosch Miter Saw come in?

The Bosch Miter Saw is available in two sizes. It is available in a 10 inch size or a 12 inch size. Saw stands are also available for this type of saw.


A compound miter saw can cut two angles at the same time. Very useful when cutting crown molding.

What size miter saw do you need?

I like to use a 12 inch dewalt miter saw. But really it depends on what you will be trimming to figure out exactly what size you will need. Mike

What does the motorized miter saw do?

The motorised Mitre saw can cut materials at very exact angles.

What can a Miter saw do?

A mitre saw can cut wood at any angle you wish in both directions.

Which saw should be used to cut crown moulding?

The most popular saw is a 12 inch compound miter saw like the Makita LS1221 (about $350 or so). If the molding is not terribly large, a 10 inch dual sliding compound miter saw will do the job well (example Makita LS1016L, about $550 - 600). The dual sliding saws are really designed for cutting crown molding.

What kind of cuts can you get on table saw?

Rip, cross, dado & "sink".Table saw cuts include rip cuts, crosscuts, miter box cuts and bevel cuts.A rip cut is a cut made parallel to the wood grain.A crosscut is generally at a fixed 90 degree angle.A miter cut involves a table saw with a miter gauge. A table saw with a miter gauge has one or two slots or grooves running from the front to the back of the table. These slots or grooves are used to position and guide the miter gauge or crosscut fence to set the miter cut at a precise angle. With this cut, the material being cut is angled versus the blade.Bevels are cut by changing the angle of the blade with respect to the surface of the wood on the table.

How do you cut a valley rafter with a compound miter saw?

You set the bevel on your saw to a 45 degree angle. Then set the angle on your saw base to the angle of your plumb cut.

What are the domestic uses of a Slide Compound Miter Saw?

There are many domestic uses of a Slide Compound Miter Saw. The domestic uses, for the Slide Compound Miter Saw, include using it for woodwork or cutting through any sort of material.

Can ferrous materials be cut using a miter saw?

yes use carbide blade