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Q: Will a sofa with these dimensions 38'' H x 90'' W x 43'' D fit through a 30x80 door?
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Will a sofa 89x39x39 fit through a 36x80 door?

There is a good possibility that it can, there are some details that you should be aware of:some sofa have detachable armssome have detachable legsEven if the sofa does not have the above options the design of the arms of the sofa will be your biggest hurdle, try to pass it through the opening at a diagonal, hopefully the clearance on each side of the doorway will not obstruct your move. You can also gain some doorway clearance by removing the door and or doorstops/jams.

How do you fit sofa 31 inch x 34 inch through 28 inch door?

You should be able to turn it at an angle so that the horizontal 'width' is less than 28 inches. Another way, would be if the length of the sofa is less than the height of the door, you can stand it on end, slide part of it through, then slide it over so that the rest of it will go through the door.

Will a sofa that is 103 inches by 103 inches fit in a room that is 13 feet by 15 feet?

As long as you can get it through the door.

Sofa Covers?

form_title= Sofa Covers form_header= Keep your sofa nice and new with a cover. What are the dimensions of your sofa?*= _ [50] What type of fabric would you like to use?*= _ [50] What color would you like to use?*= _ [50]

Will a sofa 86x38x36 inches fit through a doorway 81x30 inches?

You will probably have to remove the legs/feet and turn it diagonally to make it fit through the door. The frame of the couch is bolted to the bottom, there are two recliners. Can the sofa be tilted at an angle that will get it through the 30" doorway?

What are the dimensions of a Queen Sofa Bed?

There are lot of variations but a standard queen sofa bed will measure approx 84 inches wide and 90 inches long. From here you can buy queen sofa beds.

How do you work out if your sofa will fit through your doors?

Figuring out if a sofa will go through a doorway involves measuring and thinking. One might start by measuring the dimensions of the door and measuring the largest cross section of the sofa and comparing the two. The doorway has fixed dimensions. A drawing might help, and more so if it's to scale. (Hint: use graph paper.) Find the largest cross sectional area of the sofa. It can be found by looking at the sofa directly end on. (Take off the cushions first, and check to see if it has little short legs that unscrew. Some do.) Measure it up getting help as necessary. Draw it as well, and in the same scale as the doorway. Cut out the scale drawing of the cross section of the sofa and place it on the drawing of the doorway. The sofa can be rotated around, so try that rotating the little cutout. Does it fit? It may, or it may not. If not, roll up your sleeves and follow along. There was a suggestion back there about measuring and thinking. Are you thinking in three dimensions? There are some "hidden" considerations, some less-than-obvious ideas that can work to your advantage. Sometimes the upper end of the arms of the sofa can be gotten through the doorframe first by turning the sofa sideways. Do you have room to do that? Turn the sofa sideways? It will reduce the effective cross sectional area that the doorway will have to accommodate for you to be successful. Your drawing can reflect this consideration if you think it through. Oh, and make sure you can turn the sofa inside the doorway to get the other arm in. Can you? Remember to think in three dimensions. The sofa can be rotated about its axis, slanted to one side or the other if there is room, and tilted up or down a bit. Think roll, pitch and yaw like you're maneuvering a space vehicle in orbit to dock it. Most times folks will just take the sofa and try it, but this may be tedious or impractical. Can you get the sofa through the doorway? You'll have to make the call, and it is sincerely hoped that these few words can convey something useful to your success.

What size door is required to carry a 40 inch sofa?

If you are talking about the depth being 40" may want to try turning the sofa on its side as you walk it through the opening.. standard doors are 30" to 36" wide.

Will a 39x99x39 inch sofa fit through a 36x77.5 inch doorway?

No it will not fit through. The door can only take something that is 36 inches or smaller and there is no dimension on the couch that small.

Will a sofa W84 x D36 x H38 fit through a door W34 x H80?

As none of the measurements are less than the width of the door opening, it doesn't seem it will fit.

Sofa Slipcovers?

form_title= Sofa Slipcovers form_header= Create a new a look with a slipcover. What are the dimensions of your sofa?*= _ [50] What type of fabric would you like to use?*= _ [50] What color would you like to use?*= _ [50]

How big sofa do you want for your living room?

The size of a sofa is based on the space available in your living room, whether the sofa can actually get through the house doors, and the price you are willing to spend? Also, what size sofa, two or three seater, etc?

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