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Yes. Except that there will be some combinations of changes to diameter and height which will leave the volume unchanged.

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Q: Will changing the dimensions of a cylinder affect the volume?
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Why the shape of the cylinder does not affect the measurement of volume?

A liquid takes up the shape of a container without its volume changing.

What are dimensions of volume of a sphere and volume of a cylinder?


How does changing the dimensions of a figure affect perimeter area and volume?

When linear dimensions are multiplied by 'K', - perimeter is also multiplied by 'K' - area is multiplied by K2 - volume is multiplied by K3

How many dimensions define a volume?

For a box, the dimensions the define a volume would be:Height, Width, and DepthFor a cylinder, the dimensions that define a volume would be:Height and Diameter

What is the water volume of a 4 inches by 4 ft cylinder?

A cylinder with these dimensions has a volume of about 2.61 US gallons of water.

Which cylinder has a greater volume?

That of course will depend on their dimensions of which none have been given

What happens to the volume of a cylinder if the dimensions are tripled?

The volume goes up by 9 times

If you double the radius of cylinder how does this affect the volume of the cylinder?

The volume increases by a factor of four.

The volume of a cylinder increased by 8 times the original volume How many times greater are each of the dimensions of that new cylinder?

the dimensions of the cylinder would be 2 times greater. We just had a test on this stuff and this was one of the questions.

If the dimensions of a cylinder are doubled will the volume be 8 times greater?


How much water will a 30 by 20 cylinder hold?

In order to find the volume of the cylinder more information is required as to the actual dimensions of the cylinder. Volume is calculated by knowing the radius and height of the cylinder.

What creates a greater change in volume for a cylinder changing only the radius or changing only the height?

Changing the radius.

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