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Q: Will the ROI decrease if current assets decrease and everything else remains the same?
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Why does non current assets decrease?

Non current assets decrease with depreciation which is due to wear and tear due to usage of that assets in revenue generation.

Why gross working capital is equal to current assets?

Gross working capital is the amount which is equal to current assets which are available for day to day working but net working capital is that amount which remains after deducting current liabilities from current assets it means that amount which even remains after deducting current liabilities.

Does a change in current assets increase or decrease cash flow?

It depends on the current asset, so the change of current asset might be increase or decrease cash flows.

What are net current assets?

Formula for net current assets :net current assets = current assets - current liabilities

Current ratio would normally increased by?

The current ratio is an accounting measure of liquidity and is defined by: Current Assets / Current Liabilities In order to increase the current ratio, either increase current assets (e.g. cash, inventory, accounts receivable) or to decrease current liabilities (e.g. accounts payable, notes payable).

A credit signifies a decrease in?

a decrease in assets

What is the difference between current assets vs total assets?

Current assets are those assets which is usable in current fiscal year while total assets includes assets other then current assets like long term assets as formula showTotal assets = current assets + fixed assets

What are permanent current assets?

Permanent current assets are current assets that are replaced with like assets within one year.

How do you find the percentage of current assets to total assets?

percentage of current assets to total assets

Are investments current assets or other assets?

If investments are for short term then these are current assets but if these are for long term then non-current assets.

Indicate how accounting equation is affected if machinery is purchased on cash?

A journal of that type of transactions would be: Debit Machinery Fixed Assets Credit Cash So it would decrease Current Assets and increase Long-Term Assets

Fixed assets to current asset ratio?

fixed assets / current assets