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yes, i know because i just got this question wrong lol

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Q: Will the measurements of 12cm 35cm and 37cm make a right triangle?
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What is the area of a rectangle if its 35cm long and 12cm wide?

It is: 35*12 = 420 square cm

What is the area or the right triangle 28 cm 35 cm?

The right-angle triangle measures 28cm by 35cm. Such a triangle is half of a rectangle.Therefore 28 x 35 = 980cm2 is the area of a rectangle.980 / 2 = 490cm2 will give the area of the triangle (which is 490cm2).

What is the area of a triangle with a base of 12 cm and a height of 35cm?

The area of triangle is : 210.0

Find the length of the diagonal of a rectangle whose length and width are 35cm and 12cm respectively?

Easiest thing to do here would be to draw a diagram and label the sides with their lengths and draw a line for the diagonal. You can see the diagonal forms part of a right-angled triangle, with its shorter lengths 35 cm and 12 cm. So using Pythagoras's Theorem, x2 = 352 + 122 = 1369 x = square root of 1369 = 37 cm.

A person was making a triangular painting the sides were to be 35cm 55cm and 95cm Before beginning it was decided there was an error how did they figure that out?

By definition, the length of each side of a triangle must be less than the sum of the lengths of the other two sides. The three values you provided do not make a triangle. Think of it this way -- draw a horizontal line on a page that's 95cm long (the longest 'side' of your triangle.) Then, just above that line, draw one line that's 35cm long, then one that's 55cm long. There is no way the 35cm and 55cm lines could connect to the ends of the 95cm line to make a triangle.

How many metters are in 35cm?


How many inches is 35cm?

1.377952756 in, algebraic steps are below: 3.5 cm*1 in 2.54 cm=1.377952756 in

What decimal fraction of 35cm of a meter?


Number of centimeters in 0.35 meter?


How many centimetres are there in 0.35 meters?


How does 3.5mm compare to a centimeter?

3.5mm is .35cm

How many centimeter in 350millimeter?

350mm = 35cm