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Q: Will the percent that medicare pays still be eighty percent and twenty percent be ours to pay?
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What is Medicare Allowable?

"Medicare Allowable" charges: Providers who participate with Medicare agree to accept the Medicare allowable charge as full payment. Bear in mind that because Medicare is an 80/20 plan, the patient is still responsible for the 20 percent of the allowable charges not paid by Medicare. * For example: You have chemotherapy in your physician's office and Medicare is billed $500.00 for the service. The Medicare allowable or assignment for your chemotherapy treatment is $300.00. Your physician is paid 80 percent of $300.00 or $240.00. You are responsible for only the $60.00 not paid by Medicare but considered allowable under Medicare UCR fee schedule. This is because participating Medicare providers may not bill the patient for the balance amounts above the Medicare allowable fee schedule (known as "balance billing"). It is important to verify that your provider "Accepts Medicare Assignment" or is a "Medicare Provider" to avoid unexpected and potentially large out-of-pocket expenses.

Will medicare pay for pregnancy if disabled and on medicare?

Yes. You still have your normal deductibles and copays.

Did republicans want medicare in 1965?

No, they were deadly against Social Security and Medicare and still are!

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If you switch from HMO back to Medicare can the skilled nursing facility that the patient is at bill Medicare for skilled needs?

If they are under skilled HMO yes you can bill Medicare. You still have to follow the assessments needed by Medicare

Will Medicare cover pegnant girlfriend?

If your pregnant girlfriend is on Medicare it will cover it. Normal deductibles and co pays still apply.

Can you sell your home while on medicaid?

Medicare isn't like welfare. You can sell your home, move to an apartment and still have medicare.

If a small group is in a PEO is medicare primary or secondary?

Medicare is always the primary insurance unless someone is still working

Do you have to register for medicare when you turn 65 even if you are still working?

Medicare does not require anyone to register at age 65 or any other time. However, your health insurance company might require you to register in order for Medicare to be your primary insurance.