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If they are nice gem examples, they will likely be worth something, however with the huge quantities minted every year, they will never be worth alot. They will always be cosidered common. You can take for example an original uncirculated ROLL of 50 pennies from 1960 has a current wholesale value of only 65 cents -- that's less than 1.5 cents per coin -- and that's IF you can find an interested buyer.

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Q: Will uncirculated pennies be worth money someday?
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What are 1981 pennies uncirculated worth?

It's worth 2 cents for the copper.

What is the value of an uncirculated 1958 penny?

1958 uncirculated Lincoln Wheat Pennies are worth $0.20 each. An original uncirculated roll (50) is worth $6.00

What are 1979 pennies worth?

These coins are still in circulation and are worth 1 cents unless they are uncirculated.

What are steel 1944 pennies worth?

Steel pennies were only minted in 1943. If the penny you have is really a 1944 and is steel it is worth a couple thousand. If however it is really a 1943 it is worth .05 to 1.50 depending on condition. If it has no mintmark and is uncirculated it is worth $12.00. If it has a D and is uncirculated it is worth $15.00. If it has a S and is uncirculated it is worth $25.00. The mintmark is located below the date.

How much is 1957 uncirculated pennies worth?

I'd say 1.00 USD

What is the value of a roll of uncirculated 1954 Lincoln wheat pennies?

1954-D is a common date for pennies. In uncirculated condition, each one might be worth 10 cents, or $5 for the roll.

What is 50000 pennies worth in money?

At 100 pennies to the dollar, 50,000 pennies makes $500.

What is a us pennies from 1905 worth?

In average condition, it's worth a dollar or two. An uncirculated 1905 cent is worth over $20.

What s pennies are worth money?

A 1943 copper penny is known to be worth a lot of money,

How much money are pennies worth?

one cent 100 pennies = 1 dollar

What is a upper peninsula dollar worth?

money and pennies

How much are steel pennies worth?

Very likely no more than a few bucks. They are common and are worth very little. If it is uncirculated you will get more.

What is a 1968 Canada penny worth?

In uncirculated condition, about five cents. 1968 pennies in circulated condition are only worth face value.

How do know which 1990 pennies are rare or the ones worth money?

July 8, 2009 1990 US Cents are not rare and most are worth just a cent in circulated condition and in uncirculated condition they can be bought for 10-15 cents.

What is different about the 1943 pennies?

Copper was needed for the war so in 1943 pennies were made of zinc coated steel. In circulated condition they are worth 3-25 cents. In uncirculated they are worth about 10-25 dollars.

How much is 80 million pennies worth?

it's worth £80,000 in british money

Which old pennies are worth money?

it doesn't matter as long as it is really old money

What is the value of old wrestling magazines from the 1980s and 1990s?

someday it might be worth alot of money someday so dont get rid of it

What is a 1971 D uncirculated penny worth?

One cent. 1971D pennies are so common they will not be worth a premium until many more years have passed.

Is a 1964 penny worth money?

Unless it's uncirculated or proof it is only worth a penny.

How much is a roll of 1917 wheat pennies worth?

1917 is not a rare date for Lincoln cents. In circulated condition, its worth about 5 cents. A nice uncirculated one is worth about $15

What is a 1943 wheat penny worth?

They made over a billion of these steel pennies in 1943. In circulated condition, it's worth about 5 cents. A nice uncirculated one is worth about $1.00

Are 1938 us pennies worth anything in eurepe?

1938 cents are common and if circulated are only worth a few cents. If in absolute uncirculated condition they can be worth 1 or 2 Euros.

Why do people waste pennies?

because they thimk its worth notihing but if you keep saving them you can get a lot of money. I have a bin full of pennies and when i cashed it in it was worth 120 dollars!!

Are 1982 pennies worth anything?

Uncirculated examples can be worth a little bit of money, 25 cents to a dollar. For 1982, seven different coins were produced. Large and small date coins with and without mintmarks were struck and the coins were also struck in copper and zinc.