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You wanna know something ???? ( lol ) Something just plain wierd bout this question and I'll tell you why.

  1. 1,,, one and 1/8th in vapor lines ( Suction Lines ) are

typically used on 7 to 10 or more ton cooling unints.

  1. 2,,, 3/4" vapor lines ( Suction Lines ) are typically used

on 3 ton and smaller cooling units.

So here is the delima !!!!,,,,,, how on earth did you end up with this mix match in the first place?????

And just as a side note,,, Bigger suction lines are ( NOT )always better.Reason being: There needs to be a certain velocity in the return pipe for the low pressure side of the system to effectively return any compressor oil that may have migrated into the evaporative system.There are other issues as well ( BUT )I ain't talkin till you tell me how you got this mix match set up. LOL,,,, teasing you,,, but really,,, this I need to know to tell you much more.


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Q: Will your air conditioner lose efficiency if the 1 and 1 eighth inch vapor line is connected to the old 3 quarter inch line about halfway to the evaporator coil?
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