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Usually a simple heart murmur is not inherited so no. The baby MAY have a heart murmur but it is unlikely to be becasue of its fathers heart murmur.

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Q: Will your baby have more chance of having a heart murmur as its father has one?
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What is the treatment for a heart murmur?

what is the treatment for a heart murmur

What is the duration of Murmur of the Heart?

The duration of Murmur of the Heart is 1.97 hours.

An abnormal heart sound?


When was Murmur of the Heart created?

Murmur of the Heart was created on 1971-04-28.

What are the various types of heart mummers?

There are two types of heart murmur. Systolic murmur which occurs during contraction of the heart, and Diastolic murmur which occurs during the relaxation phase of the heart.

Heart murmur cause by hown much does it cause for a trnsplant due to a heart murmur?

a heart murmur is an abnormal sound that is from your valves in your heart. The most common reason for this is due to leaks ormthe narrowing of your valves. In most cases, a heart murmur corrects on its own.

How is a heart murmur detected?

A simple way for a heart murmur to be detected is by having a doctor listen to your heart using a stethoscope. If they are concerned about it, there are many diagnostic tests that can be used. These include chest X-ray, ECG, CT, MRI or Echocardiogram

How does a heart murmur affect a dog?

full grown dogs? probably not, but my friend's kitten was put down because of an abnormal heart murmur. It depends upon the cause, there are benign heart murmur that cause no ill effects. There's also heart murmurs caused by a defect that will result i the dog feeling tired and having less energy than he or she would normally have.

Can your heart murmur make you very tired?

A heart murmur can be indicative of an abnormality with one of the heart valves, which can indeed cause fatigue.

Is a heart murmur fatal?

no it is not

What things murmur?


Is it dangerous to take illegal drugs with a heart murmur?

yes because illegal drugs can cause heart defects contributing to a heart murmur.