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Usually a simple heart murmur is not inherited so no. The baby MAY have a heart murmur but it is unlikely to be becasue of its fathers heart murmur.

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Q: Will your baby have more chance of having a heart murmur as its father has one?
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What is the treatment for a heart murmur?

what is the treatment for a heart murmur

What heart murmur do?

a heart murmur really doesn't do anything it makes a sound in your heart but it depends what kind of murmur you have

What is the duration of Murmur of the Heart?

The duration of Murmur of the Heart is 1.97 hours.

What is murmur?

it is a heart murmur. when you stop breathing

Can you take ecstasy with a heart murmur?

I didnt have any problem with it and I have a heart murmur.

When was Murmur of the Heart created?

Murmur of the Heart was created on 1971-04-28.

Is a heart murmur a heart disease?

Technically yes, it can be classified as a congenital heart disease. - Heart Murmur patient of 14 years. Heart murmur is a finding on physical exam, a sign, but not every heart murmur is caused by disease. Some are normal occurrences. Answer 2: please see a cardiologist to put your mind at ease if you have been told you have a heart murmur.

What are the various types of heart mummers?

There are two types of heart murmur. Systolic murmur which occurs during contraction of the heart, and Diastolic murmur which occurs during the relaxation phase of the heart.

Heart murmur cause by hown much does it cause for a trnsplant due to a heart murmur?

a heart murmur is an abnormal sound that is from your valves in your heart. The most common reason for this is due to leaks ormthe narrowing of your valves. In most cases, a heart murmur corrects on its own.

How do you get a heart murmur?

You can have a heart murmur (a badly closing heart valve) from birth or one can develop from an infection or disease.

What does a heart murmur look like?

An abnormal heart murmur may have an enlarged heart compared to one without

Would Turbulence of blood flow through the aortic valve indicate a heart murmur?

a heart murmur:)

Can a abnormal heart murmur kill you?

Yes It May Kill You. Depending On What Is Causing The Abnormal Heart Murmur

Does having a heart murmur affect you in any way?

no :) Or under worse conditions, yes. Ask you doctor.

How does a heart murmur affect a dog?

full grown dogs? probably not, but my friend's kitten was put down because of an abnormal heart murmur. It depends upon the cause, there are benign heart murmur that cause no ill effects. There's also heart murmurs caused by a defect that will result i the dog feeling tired and having less energy than he or she would normally have.

Is a heart murmur fatal?

no it is not

What things murmur?


Murmur in a sentence?

Some people have a heart condition called a heart murmur. Heart murmurs are irregular heartbeats. Most people grow out of heart murmurs.

Is it dangerous to take illegal drugs with a heart murmur?

yes because illegal drugs can cause heart defects contributing to a heart murmur.

What is the difference between an abnormal heart rhythm and a heart murmur?

Abnormal heart rhythm is a problem in the electrical system of the heart Heart Murmur- is a heart sound associated with a valve problem

What is an abnormal or unusual heart beat?

Heart Murmur?

What defect causes a heart murmur?

heart valve

Can you die from having a heart murmur?

There are more than one reason, sometimes when a woman is pregnant, or if someone is anemic, the heart will have a "conpensatory systolic heart murmur" to just add an extra beat of the heart to give the body a little extra oxygenated blood every few beats. Also sometimes when their is a mitral valve problem, the heart will have a murmur.Often after the anemiais taken care of or the baby is born the murmur will just disappear.

A condition where the AV valves do not close properly?

Heart Murmur. If you are looking for a crossword answer, it is MURMUR. ;)

An abnormal heart sound?