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The lower the better

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Q: With the mean absolute percentage error is a higher or lower number better?
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Negative PLUS a positive equals?

It is a negative if the negative number has the higher absolute value and positive if the positive number has the higher absolute value.

A negative number that has a greater absolute value than a positive number?

The absolute value of a number is how far away it is from zero on a number line. Any negative number that is higher than a positive number without its negative sign is larger with absolute value.

Will positive numbers always have a higher absolute value than the negative numbers and WHY?

No. The absolute value is the distance a number is from zero. It is always represented by a positive number. The absolute value of any positive number and its negative counterpart is the same.

Is this statement true or false the absolute value of a number is less than the original number?

It is false because if it is the absolute value of a negative number, the answer would be higher than the original number. |-9|=9

When is the sum of a positive integer and a negative integers?

When the absolute value of the negative number is higher than the positive number.

What does the medical abbreviation Neutros abs mean?

Neutros abs is the label for the absolute number (not the percentage) of neutrophils in the CBC

What is better 14 kt or 18 kt gold plating?

the higher the number the better

Ncaa basketball 10 which is better shooting range?

The higher the number, the better the range!

Which is the smaller -2 or -30?


How do you figure percentage over and under budget?

The percentage is 100*(Actual Spend - Budget)/Budget. If the number is negative, then its absolute value is the underspend. If it is positive, then its value is the overspend.

What is the absolute number of -100?

The absolute number of -100 is 100.

Which is bigger a whole number or an absolute number?

Neither. For any whole number there is an absolute number which is larger and for any absolute number there is a whole number which is larger.

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