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Q: Worded problems using solutions of oblique triangle?
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What are worded problems?

Worded problems are paragraph-long math problems. instead of just setting up the answer for you, you have to read the "everday life problem", figure out how to set it up, then solve it.

What does the sign with a triangle and ford written in the middle mean on the road?

It is a worded warning sign

What shape looks like a flat triangle?

This question is kind of poorly worded, because triangles aren't three-dimensional and can't really be "flattened". I assume you're looking for a trapezoid, since if you cut off the "top" of a triangle and draw a line in the space, you get a trapezoid. Nonetheless, if someone else gave you this question, you should let them know that it is poorly worded.

What is the adjective of a triangle?

Tri is the prefix of the word Triangle. ex: triathlon

Is engineering for people who are good at math bad at writing?

No, it is not. If you are bad at writing how are you going to explain your wonderful solutions to engineering problems? No one has time to wade through pages of poorly worded claptrap. You have to be able to sell yourself and sell your ideas to a potential customer, you have to be able to explain your thinking and requirements to your team and boss, and to do all that you must be able to write in a clear, precise manner.

What is an adjective for the word word?

Adjectives using 'word' include: wordy, wordier, wordiest well-worded worded

What are poorly-worded hardware questions?

This is a holding question for questions about computer hardware that are worded poorly and thus unclear or ambiguous.

Will a worded chest tattoo stretch?

Yes, a worded chest tattoo will stretch and shrink because the ink is usually on the skin.

Is there a one worded answer to this question?

Not really.

How do you use worded in a sentence?

How do these statements have been used to determine whether the? Instead, I need to do something with the words of a sentence!source: and

What is a three worded symbol of democracy?

for from and by the people

How should an affirmative conclusion be worded?

with POWER