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Q: Would 2 dollars a square foot be equal to 18 dollars a square yard?
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Does a square foot equal to cubic foot?

Square foot is a measure of area. Cubic foot is a measure of volume. They are not equal.

How many square feet does 96 square inches equal?

One square foot equals 144 square inches, so 96 square inches would equal 2/3rds of a foot or 0.666666 repeating.

If its 17.00 dollars a yard how much is it a square foot?

If something was $17.00 per square Yard it would be $1.89 per square Foot. (Just divide by 9)

How much is 537 square ft?

537 square feet would be equal to a square about 23.2 foot in each direction.

What does one square foot equal?

w big is one square foot

How many time is 12 by 16 square foot equal to a square foot?

The area of a rectangle that measures 12-ft by 16-ft is never equal to a square foot. It's always equal to 192 of them.

1 square foot equal to how many square meters?

1 square foot = 0.09290304 square metres.

What size AC do I need for a 3500 square foot house?

To cool a 3,500 square foot house, you would need a seven ton system. That would be equal to about 84,000 BTUs.

Does 12 feet equal a square foot?

An area cannot be equal to a length. A square foot is an area of 1 by 1 foot (or 12 by 12 inches).

What does 12x24 tile equal in square feet?

If the tile is in inches, you would convert to feet. A one foot by two foot tile covers 2 square feet.

How much can a square foot equal to a cubic foot?

You can not compare a square foot to a cubic foot because they are 2 different quantities!

One square foot is equal to how many square meters?

One square foot equates to about 0.0929 m2