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No, that is 9x 2 = 18 N-m tryingto lift 9 x 3 = 27 N-m moment. The force x distance applied has to be greater

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Q: Would a 9 N force applied 2 meters from the fulcrum lift 9 N that is located 3 meters from the fulcrum?
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Evaluate would a 9n force applied 2m from the fulcrum lift the wight explain?

A 9-N force cannot be applied 2 m from the fulcrum lift the weight because it wouldn't balance

A 150 pound man is standing on a lever one foot from the fulcrum. How much effort must be used to lift the man if the effort is applied six feet from the fulcrum?

6 x 150 pounds. 900 pounds of force would have to be applied.

Where is the fulcrum resistance force and the effort force on a shovel?

The effort force is applied at the handle of the shovel. The fulcrum is where your other hand goes, lower down the shaft, and the fulcrum resistance would be where the load goes on the shovel, I.E the flat bit that you hit people with!

Where are the input force and output force on a pair of scissors?

The input force or the effort on a pair of scissors would be the force applied by your hands on the handles. The output force or load would be the blades of the pair of scissors.

Would a 9-N force applied 2 m from the fulcrum lift the weight?


Where are the load effort and fulcrum located on a second class lever?

No, the function of the fulcrum remains the same The only change would be the ratio of force to load The closer the fulcrum is the the load, the less force required to lift it The farther away the fulcrum is from the load, the more force required to lift it

Why is there a fulcrum on a seesaw?

A seesaw is a basic lever and by definition it has a fulcrum. Without the fulcrum, there would be no point for the seesaw to operate on.

What is MKG in torque measurement?

Don't quote me on this but MKG might be an abbreviation for kilogram-meter which would be the torque generated from a 1 kilogram weight horizontally located 1 meter from the fulcrum. This would be roughly equivalent to 9.8 newton meters of torque or 7.23 ft. lbs.

Where on your arm would you find the fulcrum?

The elbow in the hand is analogous to the fulcrum in a lever

Would a nine meter force applied 2 meter from the fulcrum lift the weight?

No sweat. Piece o' cake. Bring it on! What's a "nine meter force" ? ?

Where is the effort and fulcrum on a swing?

The fulcrum is the swing hinges and the effort is the seat, you sitting in it would be the load.

What would most likely happen if a fulcrum were moved to the left and placed between two empty book holders?

If the book holders are shorter than the fulcrum then it can still function are a fulcrum. If the book holders are taller than the fulcrum then it can't function as a fulcrum.