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No. Grazing land for cattle needs much more space than does grain production for the same caloric benefit.

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Q: Would a hectare of land for beef cattle feed the same number of people as a hectare of wheat?
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What would be the measurement for 0.14 hectare in square feet?

0.14 hectare is 15,069.46 square feet.

How many cubic meters in a hectare?

10,000 square metres equals 1 hectare. Cubic metres would define a 3 dimensional object which a hectare does not describe.

Head of cattle?

A "head" of cattle is just another way of saying herd of cattle. Instead of saying I have 100 herd of cattle, you would say I have 100 head of cattle (this way you are specifying the exact number of cows you have in your herd)

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How do you calculate one square hectare?

If there were any such thing as a square hectare it would measure the hyper-volume of a 4-dimensional object. How you calculate this would depend on the shape of the object. A really easy one would be a hypercube of side 100 meters; this would have a hypervolume of 1 square hectare, or 108 m4. The other answer to this question is that a hectare is already a measure of area; a hectare is 10,000 square meters, or about 2.4 acres. In our normal three dimensional world it makes no sense to square it; just the attempt could make your head hurt.

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In 1856-1857 the Xhosa people willingly killed of almost all of their cattle and their crops in the hopes that it would save their people from European control. This was prompted by a little girl's vision of a man who promised that the Xhosa would be resurrected if all the cattle was killed. Ironically, the cattle killing left the Xhosa starving and forced them to work for the Europeans, who gave them food and aid in return.

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yes,but it would be harmful to the cattle.

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People would put a metal stamp thing in a fire, then burn the cow with it.

What terms would you use to describe 100metres by 100 meters in greek?

One hectare.

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That would be 50 cattle in total. By "pair" you would be referring to a cow with a calf at side.