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I think no because the blocks would be too heavy to weigh.

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Q: Would a scale used to weigh food be the best tool to weigh concrete blocks?
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Would a scale that is used to weigh food be the best tool to weigh concrete blocks.explain why or why not?

would a scale that is used to weigh food be the best tool to weigh concrete blocks

Would a scale that is used to weigh food be the right tool to weigh concrete blocks?

No, the range of the scale is wrong, the food scale probably has a maximum capacity of one or two pounds, whereas a concrete block weighs about 40 pounds, so the scale can not weigh the block.

Could you use a food scale to weigh concrete blocks?

No, not strong enough to weigh a 50 pound object.

How much a 12 inch by12 inch concrete block weigh?

Where are 12 inch concrete blocks applied?

What does a hollow concrete block weigh?

It weighs around 1500 kg/cum. and solid concrete blocks weigh around 1800 kg/cum minimum.

How much does a pallet of concrete blocks weigh?

Approximately 3600 lbs (this assumes 90 8x8x16 blocks at 40 lbs each)

How do you weigh a turkey?

i would weigh a turkey with a scale.

What would you weigh an envelope with?

A scale

How much does a 5 gal bucket of concrete weigh?

The specific gravity of limestone concrete is 2.37. Therefore 5 gallons of concrete would weigh 94.8 pounds.

What would you measure meat in?

You can weigh it on a scale.

How do you weigh wool?

Usually one would employ a scale to weigh wool.

How much does a square meter of concrete weigh?

Thisquestion needs clarifying. The question should be 'how much does a CUBIC metre of concrete weigh'. A square metre of concrete would have to have a thickness to make volume.

What would you use to weigh a baseball?

a regular scale

What would you weigh with a spring scale?

Anything you want

What instrument would you use to weigh recipe ingredients?

A kitchen scale or food scale.

How would you determine the mass of a cup of water?

You would weigh it on your kitchen scale

How would you weigh a book?

uhhhh...with a scale...

What unit would use to weigh a giraffe?

A truck scale.

what would a bird likely weigh?

Nothing they don't have a scale ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜œ

Where would a person weigh the least Denver International or O'Hare International?

If the scale was accurate a person would weigh the same at both.

What does a concrete slab 8'x3'x4 inches weigh?

Concrete weighs approx 150 pounds per cubic foot. This slab would weigh approx 1188 pounds.

How would you way a packaged hamburger?

If you mean WEIGH , I would use a kitchen scale.

What will a 50kgs on earth weigh in zero gravity?

If you had a 50kg weight on Earth, it would weigh ~zero on the space station. It would still have a mass of 50kg--meaning it would difficult to move, and hurt very bad if it wumped you on the head, but placed on a scale, it would show 0. Likewise, if you had that 50kg weight and a scale on an elevator here on Earth, the scale would read 50kg. Say at the top of a 100 floor building, the elevator's cable and safety devices broke and the elevator, you, the 50kg weight and the scale were all in free fall. For a very short time, the 50kg weight would weigh zero. You would weigh zero. The scale would weigh zero. Until the elevator hit the ground.

How much do patio blocks weigh?

That will depend entirely on the size of the blocks. The material will also be a factor. They can run anywhere from a few ounces to blocks that weigh 50 pounds or more!

How do you weigh 35gramms?

You weigh it on a kitchen scale.