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No a sphere doesn't even have any angles

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Q: Would a sphere have any right angles?
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How many right angles does a sphere have?

None. A sphere does not have any angles.

Does a trapezoid has 4 right angles?

A shape with 4 right angles would be a square or rectangle. A trapezoid does not have any right angles..

Is a sphere a pentagonal prism?

No, a pentagon has five angled sides. A sphere does not have any angles.

Does a sphere have 10000 sides?

no it doesn't have any sides or angles

What figure has four right angles and any types of angles?

A polygon with six or more sides, in which four of the angles are right angles and the other angles are not. These others are of any type - as required. It cannot be a pentagon because, if 4 angles are right angles, the fifth would be 180 degrees!

Does quadrilateral have to have right angles?

No, if it has right angles it is a special case, such as rectangle, but in general it does not have to have any right angles

What two angles would make inside a right angle?

Any 2 angles that add up to 90 degrees.

Any polygon with two right angles and one set of parallel lines?

That would be a right trapezoid.

What geometric shape does not have any right angles or any angles larger than a right angle?

a circle

Do rectangles have any right angles?

Yes. Rectangles have four right angles.

Does a cylinder have any right angles?

No, a cylinder does not have any right angles because it has two circles and a tube comprising it so as they do not have any right angles, the cylinder will not either.

Can a trinangle have two right angles?

Absolutely not ! All the angles in a triangle has to add up to 180˚. 2 right angles already add to 180˚, so there would not be any space for another angle. (A triangle has 3 angles)